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Oh, Sweet Pea

Sweet peas.

One of my favorite flowers.

One of the first flowers I successfully grew as a kid.

When I was a teenager, they let me grow sweet peas on the south side of the house. I can't recall though if I was a decent shepherd of sweet peas. You know, if I had watered them regularly without being told. I doubt they would've told me if I forgot. Knowing the parents, they would've given the sweet peas a drink if they were watering in the area. The parents were great. I like to think they were impressed that I actually took an interest  in growing stuff. I also planted Sweet Williams beneath a tree in the front yard, but they didn't do as well as the sweet peas.

Sweet Peas. Sweet Williams. Yup. I was attracted to the names.

This morning I collected sweet pea seed pods in the backyard. Their season went quickly. The sweetpeas in the picture are the last for this year. They're volunteers. I didn't even know there were sweet peas until I looked out the window of L Studio, which used to be the Mama's bedroom, the second or third morning of healing from my not-a-hysterical surgery. The sweet peas. The geraniums. The roses. The trees. The jungle that the Mama created. Looking out the window that morning, I recalled the Mama doing the same thing after she got up. 

Quite calming. Quite tranquil. Quite quiet.


  1. I have to admit that besides classical flowers like roses and tulips 8 don't know anything else. It's only the beauty of the flower which counts for me. And then, I love to sit in a garden but not working, lol ! I have no green thumb at all !

    1. I have a good friend who knows scientific names of plants. She astounds me. The other day I listened to her and another knowledgeable gardener talk about plants. It was like listening to music.

  2. You see, your mom is with you because this story makes me think she is watching over you and she was happy you got through the surgery. I hope all is well with you because I was thinking about you when you were not blogging for a while. Hope all is going aok

    1. I'm doing okey-dokey, Birgit, thank you for your sweet concern. This morning I climbed the ladder to pick apricots and then lemons. The Husband was kind enough to let me scale the ladder. He knew how important it was for me to give it a try, but also made sure the ladder was steady at all times. I love the Husband so much!

  3. The Mama and the Garden - always intertwined. :)

    1. More than she and I knew it would ever be. Very cool.


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