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The Mama's Roses in Bloom

A year ago, this day, we buried the Mama.

"I already have a place," the Mama said. "With your father. They saved me a space on top of him."

Always a forward thinker, as well as practical-minded, the Mama bought a dual burial grave site when arrangements were made for the Daddy in 1982. He was buried in the Veterans section in the cemetery a few miles away from the house. The section was new, so the Daddy scored a front row seat, beneath a big old shade tree that was planted in the same year as the Daddy. I'm sure the Mama was pleased with where her bones are resting. In life, the Mama liked to watch people go by.

When I had to arrange all the funeral stuff last year, I was very thankful that the Mama took care of the burial site. I was also grateful that after 34 years the mortuary had a pristine paid-in-full record of that transaction.

I hope the Mama's spirit is having loads of fun and laughter soaring through the Universe at beyond warp speed.  I have no doubt that she skims by us.

Today, I'm sure, the Mama is smiling at her roses.


  1. Your Mama's roses are beautiful. You are a good daughter...

    1. The roses certainly are beautiful, Ellen. Thank you, it takes one to know another. :-)

  2. This is so beautiful and I think her roses blooming now speaks of how near she is to you. Your mom was so right about being practical with this because, the people left, are heartbroken and so the less they need to deal with the better. I bet they smell as beautiful as they look.

    1. Thanks, Birgit. The Mama's roses are a majestical treat for us. :-)

  3. I bet she is! ... the moment I saw that picture, I saw her face. :)

  4. Your writing sparkles . . .
    yep. the roses - awesome . . .
    love & love,


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