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Mornings with the Supervisor

Molly the Cat leads me out the front door before breakfast most mornings.

"Go see what needs to be done," she telepathically prompts me as she begins her patrol of the perimeter.

"No cats here," she sniffs. "Ooooh, ladybug."

I check out new flower seed sprouts, note what sprouts need to be thinned and where I might replant them, bend over and pull up weeds, and so forth and so on.

Sometimes the Molly's and my morning routine lasts a few minutes, especially when it's cold or rainy. "Forget this," says Molly when she quickly does an about-face several feet from the front door.

Other times, we're out there for an hour or so, weeding, planting, digging, watering and whatever this heart pleases. Now and then Molly circles me to make sure I'm doing a decent job.

What I like the most is looking up from my task and seeing Molly lying near by, eyes closed and body purring in the the sun bubbles. I feel like I'm doing the same.

There are those days when Molly patiently sits by the front door, urging me in her mews, "Come on, Lady, let's go in already. The Husband made coffee."


  1. You have perfect housemates. One accompanies you on your morning tasks and the other makes coffee! (It is my guess that both have other talents. Maybe especially the coffee maker ;))).

    1. Yup, the Husband and Molly the Cat have many talents. I am so lucky to have them in my life.

  2. Molly is very good company . . .
    The Multicolored Kitty-Kat sends Morning Greetings to Molly!

    1. Purrrrrrr, says Molly to the Multicolored Kitty-Kat.

  3. Such wonderful communion. :D ... and coffee afterwards!

  4. When we are not sure of ourselves, we can look over to our fur babes and they give us what we need.

    1. Perfectly said, Birgit. Molly always seems to give me a look of "You've got this." Kinda like the Mama's look.

    2. Molly sure is a pretty cat. We find our long haired cat kind of high maintenance. He gets tangles in his fur that we have to try and cut out which isn't easy. He does not like it.

    3. Molly doesn't like it when I have to comb/cut out her tangles. I haven't had to do it in a long time, thank goodness.


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