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When I saw the episode of Grace and Frankie, an original Netflix series starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, in which Frankie (Lily) mentions her diary and Grace (Jane) responds with "Your bullshit diary where you write in the air?", I thought that's how I've mostly been blogging the last 11 months. Unlike Frankie, I mentally write the words.

Have you seen Grace and Frankie by the way? In a nutshell it's about two vibrant women in their 70s who suddenly become roommates because their husbands announced they are gay, been having a secret relationship with each other for years, and want a divorce from Grace and Frankie because so that they can married. A mouthful, huh?

The series revolve around Grace and Frankie coming to terms with suddenly being on their own after 30-40 years of marriage. It's also about the women becoming each other's main support, although they don't think much of each other's life style. Grace is an uptight former CEO of her own company while Frankie is an old hippie artist. There are also secondary stories about Bob (Grace's husband played by Martin Sheen) and Saul (Frankie's ex played by Sam Waterston), as well as the adult children of Grace and Bob and Frankie and Saul.  Another mouthful!

I love this show. The storyline. The subject matter—after all, how many TV shows feature older people in a not-so-schmaltzy way. The cast, wowza! One of the creators of the show is Marta Kauffman who also co-created Friends. Quality! And, lots of strong writing, I must add.

Okay. Enough about this show before I distract myself from my original intention of today's blog. If you want to know more about the series, check out the Grace and Frankie website or the Wikipedia article about the series.

My original intention? I began this post on Sunday. Today is Wednesday.

My original intention?

Focus, focus, Susie, my darling dear.

My original intention?

Just—in all senses of just—to let me know that I need to express. . .to articulate. . .to humor. . .to feel out loud what's inside my soul.

Just often sad.

That shall pass.

And, while it is passing, I shall do my best to write my thoughts via the keyboard rather than in the air.

It's ABC Wednesday. This was my J post. Click here to please check out other participants. Thank you ABCW Team!


  1. J

    JUST carry on writing as you always do Susie,
    You've been on quite an ardous and sad JOURNEY
    quite recently and to hang it all your poor sore
    Not being able to ride Tilda Hilda must bug you too,
    Nothing like a long Bicycle ride to let one think
    and blow away the cobwebs .
    As I'm almost completely immobile I find great comfort
    in blogging and talking to my friends, literally all
    over the world. ABCW has been a lifeline for me, so
    please don't stop writing I look forward to reading
    your words of wisdom, hillarity, Molly cat,
    the Husband and so on.
    I know it's coming up to The Mama's first anniversary,
    so you will be feeling low, it's a natural course,
    but think of the wonderful life she had and all that
    she bestowed upon you, the lovely oasis of a garden,
    the fruit, the vegetables, and gorgeous ghrubs and flowers..
    Time for some more photo's me thinks.
    Take care,
    love n hugs,
    ABCW team.

    1. Thank you for the encouraging words, Di. Today, I dug out more of the front yard with thoughts of sowing sunflower and wildflower seeds in the plot tomorrow. It looks like we may have several days of rain next week. A friend told me of someone who has knees like mine and rides his bicycle. That perked me up. I haven't tried getting on Tilda Hilda yet. Maybe this weekend.
      Hugs, Di.

  2. Seems like a nice series to watch but no I don't know it. I never watch Netflix ..

    Just.... nice word for J although it saddens me to read that you are often sad, I sure hope that that soon, very soon, as soon as possible, will change so I can read here that you are smiling throughout the day and that you're as happy as can be. (that is a mouthfull but it is very well meant! ;-) )

    Have a nice ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

    1. I think it's good for me to say that I'm sad. I wasn't saying it at all. By saying it, I accept it and start moving from there. I think. :-)

    2. that are the right kind of thoughts, because it gives the power to (try to at least) to move on... we all need that power every now and then, don't we?

  3. Ah Ha ! I see my comment has appeared, I wonder where it went ?
    Some magic going on on,
    Have a nice day Susie get the Husband to take you out for a nice
    meal to cheer you both up.
    Huggs Di xxx

    1. Yes, magic. Definitely, Di. The Husband got us fried chicken for lunch. We'll probably have it for dinner, too. xxx

    2. Fried Chicken mmmm what a thoughtful man,
      hope you gave Mollie some our cat loves it
      when we get KFC take out..
      Hope you can ride Tilda Hilda soo,
      hugs n stuff,
      Di xx

  4. I know of this show but have not seen it since I don't have Netflix or HBO. Your entitled to feel sad because you are dealing with your mom's death who was your rock plus you are dealing with pain. Pain is horrible and demoralizing especially when you love taking Tilda Hilda out and haven't been able to. If you have a good day, enjoy that day, take in the warmth and do what you want to do. When you have a bad day, don't feel guilty that you should be "over it"...whatever that means. Sometimes we have those days so if a cup of coffee or tea helps or a good show to watch, then do so. If you know you need to feel motivated, channel your mom and figure out what she would say and that may help.

    1. The Mama would say, "Go see the doctor." And, that makes me laugh hearing her say it in my head. So that's good. The pain isn't too bad anymore. I kinda think I had a tear or something in my knee and the doctor didn't see it because of the missing cartilage. I'm going to try riding Tilda Hilda around the block this weekend. Knock on wood that goes well.

      We still get Netflix DVDs. I like binge watching on the series rather than wait for it weekly. So now we have to wait until the Fall or later for this season's Grace & Frankie.

  5. One of my favourite shows.

    It's not surprising you've been 'otherwhere' this last year. Your heart is too big to stay there though, and it'll be back when it's good and ready. :D

    Big hugs.

    1. When it's good and ready! I like that, Widders. Big hugs back.

  6. Unfortunately I do not have Netflix, just Amazon Prime, so I'm not familiar with the show. It sounds fun and interesting, especially with the cast members you named. I am sorry to hear you are still feeling down. However, I'm glad you are writing, working in the garden, and your artwork. May the peace of the Lord be with you, and don't forget, have faith and believe, my friend.

  7. Today I did all three, Arnoldo: Wrote, worked in the garden, did some artsy stuff. A gorgeous day of having faith and believing. :-)

  8. I have not heard off this Grace and Frankie, but I know a similar scenario. I worked with a man whose wife left him for another woman.

  9. There was a piece on Lily Tomlin in PARADE, and it mentioned the series. I'm sure I'd like it; maybe someday I'll get Netflix, or watch it on DVD from the library...

    1. I hope your library gets the DVD. Maybe you can request it. Lot of patrons would love it, I think.

  10. Good to come to terms with your sadness (and you have a good reason to be sad! Your mama is such a big loss). You are right it will pass, and you will be able to look at the memories with a smile:)That's why you take one day at the time!
    Hey, you use the keyboard ...of ....?
    Hope to see you back this week at SEASONS:):)

    1. The keyboard to write....hmmm, to enter my thoughts. T'was never sure of the correct way of saying that.

  11. I sort of journal in my blog too.
    I haven't seen Gracie in Netflix . . . I do have Netflix and have been quite busy to watch anything lately.

    1. It's a TV series, so you might look in that category.

  12. I really like your happy making art.

    1. Thanks, G. This is an older piece. I started doodling again the other day.


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