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A Guy of a Cloud

Do you see the cloud's brow, nose, and slight grin? It looks like a male profile, so I'm calling the cloud Guy.

Hey, Guy!

I saw Guy this morning as the Husband and I drove over to Freedom to buy Molly the Cat her food and stuff. (Yes, the Husband was behind the wheel.)

Perfect timing, I say. The letter G is the theme of this week's ABC Wednesday. Click here to see what other bloggers have shared.  Thanks, ABCW team!


  1. I see a monkey skull so I guess we see things a little differently:) I could be looking at the cloud in another way, either way, it's always fun looking at the clouds

  2. It's a guy alright. He looks like a gnome or an elf from an old time story book.

  3. Err I see not-so-Gray clouds. Great picture.

    1. Thanks, Carin. You're right about the clouds being not-so-gray. It was a beautiful day after a big rainy one.

  4. Your capture and narrative made me remember how I used to imagine forms in clouds when I was a kid:) Glad to note you still are at heart, Susie:) Keep it up:)

  5. I see what you see, and I've noticed something else - Guy has a beard :)

  6. I saw Donald Duck's face and beak, am I quackers?
    My husband says so!
    It's good to be a little crazy sometimes, so you
    just keep on talking to GARY and I'll have a
    quick quack with Donald !
    ABCW team.

    1. hahahah. When Gerry (I spelled it wrong, the Husband informed me) came into my life, he brought back the craziness that was sleeping in me. For that I shall always be grateful. :-)

  7. I indeed see it.... I often look to the sky and often I see something resembled. Its magic to me, always enjoy it very much

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc=w=team)

  8. He has a very dapper beard ... what are they called? Van dyke, or something ... did a quick wikipedia check ... yep there they are! :D

  9. Since I did a 9 x 7 foot painting of a cloud, I DO love them:) Beautiful hills too! Too bad you missed SEASONS' one year celebration! Sorry, am in a painting zone, so didn't have enough time to check who was there and who wasn't. Hope to see you there this week (tomorrow!)
    Hope you didn't live in the area of the flooding? Our weekend-neighbors had packed for evacuation -but fortunately for them - two streets further it stopped.

  10. I love these clouds ! I also try to find a face or a figure in them !


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