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On the afternoon that the Mama died, the Husband, Long-time Friend Kathy, Molly the Cat, and I sat on the patio and ate our lunch. The Mama's apple tree and her butterfly bush gave us shade from the warm Spring sun. The sky was blue. The Mama's roses, daisies, and other flowers were in bloom. The birds serenaded us. The Mama's bedroom window faced the backyard. I like to think that she could see, smell, and hear the day as we did and that she enjoyed listening to our relaxed cadences and tones.

At one point I leaned back in my chair and gazed at the sky. A crow was lazily flying back and forth. It was like a photo, the crow framed by the foliage of the Mama's trees and bushes. As I watched the bird, I felt like I could see the Mama's spirit flying up towards the crow and dancing alongside it.

When I finally looked away, I saw a white butterfly fly out of the Mama's garden by the  rose bushes. That was the first white butterfly I saw that day, which, ever since the Daddy died 34 years ago, represented the Daddy saying to me, "Hello. All is well."

At the Mama's rosary service, I read this short tale that I wrote three years ago. I had posted it on June 5, 2013.

The Girl That Did Fly

Once upon a time, in a far away place, a little girl wished upon a star, "I wish I could fly."

Unlike other fairy tales, Midge's wish did not come true. So, she thought.

One morning, Midge woke up, thinking, "Ah, today is the day I shall fly."

She flung off her blankets and jumped to her feet.

Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

With each bounce, Midge hung in the air higher and longer. Nearly three-quarters to the ceiling, she turned somersaults and back flips, cartwheels and spins.

She bounced and she bounced until her grandmother opened her door.

"Very good, my dear," said Lola Sue smiling so proudly. "You're getting to be quite good with the triple flips. I do believe you take after your grandma."

Lola Sue jumped onto the bed, and together they bounced.

Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

Holding hands, they bounced even higher and higher.

"I think it is time," Lola Sue said."Are you ready?"

"Yes! Yes!" exclaimed Midge, although she knew not what it might be.

"Then let us go!"

Midge and her Lola Sue bounced once more, hung a second, then flew around the room. 

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," said Midge. "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

"Hold on tight," said Lola Sue, as she lead the little girl out the door, through the house, and out a window into the Lola's garden. From there, they soared up through the banana plants and into the big, blue sky. 

Today is the letter F at ABC Wednesday, a wonderful meme with awesome bloggers from around the world. Click here to check out these other bloggers, and maybe to join in yourself.  Thanks to Roger, Di, Melody, and all of the ABCW team for giving us a place to share ourselves.


  1. It is so wonderful to have such an association..... and with butterflies, I do to, since a very dear friend past away 2 years ago, bearly 50
    It keeps us alert, doesn't it, that although gone in life, they are still around us.

    Have a nice ABC-W-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

    1. They're letting us know they're thinking of us, too. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Swimming among the fishes and flying through the sky are my calm spots to think about.

  3. You crack me up -you have such great story telling skills! Did you change your url? For some reason it "looks" different!
    A friendly reminder I'm resuming SEASONS this Sunday (8/21)- hope to see you there - with this photo? Your choice:)

    1. The URL and template is still the same, but I know what you mean. Something looks different to me, too.

  4. I could almost see mama--you have a wonderful way with words.

  5. I definitely saw the Mama when the story started.
    Tell me Susie, did The Mama inter-act with you when you were little? I can imagine she did!
    We have the white feather in our family that often appears when we lose someone
    We also have a cockatiel called Chico, he is predominately yellow with lots of fluffy, downy, white feathers under the longer yellow ones.
    He's quite an amusing bird, one of his tricks is hanging upside down using one leg and flapping his wings furiously, until we give him a round of applause, then he runs sideways up and down his perch bowing to the assembled onlookers.
    On the day of my sister's funeral, he was very subdued and just sat in the corner of his very large cage with all his lovely plummage fluffed up.
    This was strange behaviour because he didn't know her at all. Although when she lived in France she phoned me and Chico started whistling and running around his cage, flapping his wings furiously.
    We were speaking on 'hands free' so I guess he may have recognised her voice, people often said what similar sounding voices we had !
    When we returned home after the funeral there was a huge pile of little white feathers surrounding his cage but not one yellow one, which was most unusual as he normally sheds both yellow and white.
    Most strange !
    When we, (husband and two of the daughters' and me) sat down and started to recount the days' events, and there he sat on his perch, cocking his head from side to side, almost as if he was listening to our conversation, as soon as Norma's name was mentioned he went into his 'party piece' but hardly shedding a feather. he then started to preen his tail feathers and pulled out one large white feather, which fluttered down to the floor !
    So I am now more in awe of him than ever, he is 20 years old which is quite amazing!
    best hugs from Di,
    ABCW team.xx

  6. I like your Chico. He's quite in tune with you. Once upon a time we had a yellow English parakeet named Cu'pie who took very good care of his humans.

    Di, you got me thinking about my early years with the Mama. I don't recall the time when it was simply her and me at home together. She only told me stories of when I, the toddler, was a hand full for her. It was when the first niece was born that I saw what kind of mother she was with babies and toddlers. She encouraged my niece to explore and to try out things. I remember one afternoon the Mama watching the niece check out a pool of recent rainwater. It made me realize that it was the Mama who instilled a strong sense of independence and adventure in me from a very early age.

  7. Wonderful sharing . . kinda surrounds me with wonder - and quiet assurance. thank you.

  8. The day I got the phone call my mum had died, I went to western springs, a park of ducks, geese and swans, I always wanted to take my mum there.


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