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Eden Hills' Friday's Hunt v2.5

Today's topics are 1) Starts with E  2) Week's Favorite  3) Bounce

I like coming up with a photo that covers all three topics, because, I admit it, I'm lazy. This afternoon I didn't think I could come up with something even for the letter E. Maybe I'd simply flake out this week. 

While getting a photo ready for my other blog, I thought how much I liked the way it turned out, so maybe I'd also use it as my week's favorite for Friday's Hunt.

Boom. Pow. Light bulb. Oh, yeah. The photo was of eucalyptus trees.

Ha! I bounced back. The photo covers all three topics. Okay, I may have stretched the bounce part. But, I'm sticking with it. 

Okey-dokey.  Now, head on over to Teresa's blog, Eden Hills, to check out what other participants have posted for today's Friday's Hunt.


  1. I love your photo and your tree!

  2. This is a great picture. I love the big knot inThe tree

  3. The bark is beautiful. So is your photo

  4. Well done ! Good idea ! I am also lazy !!

  5. I do like your picture, Susie. But you will have to explain the E to me. I see an old knotty tree trunk. Erie?

    1. Thanks, Jim. E is for eucalyptus trees. I wonder if I could get away with using it for the letter U.

  6. Gorgeous photo . . did you notice the heart in the trunk? i think this front and center tree is sending YOU a message.

    love & love,

  7. Glad the eucalyptus tree is coming back, not only is it a wonderful 'E', it is lovely too!

  8. Love the tree...especially the colors...

  9. Love when that happens 3 in 1. I think it takes more skill than posting 3 pics:):) And I love the bark of this trunk.
    See you in a bit for SEASONS:)

  10. Great picture - what fascinating bark the eucalyptus tree has. I haven't seen one before.

  11. Bounced back beautifully I'd say! Beautiful patterns in that tree bark. No wonder the excellent photo is a favorite.

  12. I love the way you weave all three prompts into one photo. Extra challenging and fun. I love the texture of the trunk. Very cool! Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!

  13. You bounced back in style, girl!


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