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Doing It

We're without Internet access at home today. With good fortune, the company will find the problem tomorrow. Until then, I shall go roaming town for free Wi-Fi. In the process, I'll learn how to use this iPAD.  And until Internet returns at home, I'll post old drawings.

Here's five-year-old Su-sieee! Mac jumping a ditch.


  1. Love the drawing and seems to go with what is happening to you with the internet

  2. Replies
    1. I jumped and jumped until I fell into the ditch. :-)

  3. Susieee, this drawing is delightful! Take care. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. is there no end to your talents SM ?
    love the picture, so you, as one would imagine, when you were little...I bet the Mama and Papa had their hands look full of mischief !
    Love Di xx

    1. Thanks, Di. Drawing scares me; so, it's good for me to do. I drew this to go along with a story about little me jumping over a ditch once upon a time. I guess I was. lol


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