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Oh, Well

Just before we turned off the lights last night, the Husband and I were talking about something that reminded of something else that I thought would be fun to write about today. I always like when that happens.

This morning, I woke up thinking about what I wanted to write. But, I couldn't recall. The Husband couldn't remember either.

I figure the thought would pop up by lunchtime. It didn't happen. Nor, did the thought reveal itself after lunch.

Still, I wrote about something. Ha!

See you tomorrow.


  1. Three weeks from now (in the middle of the night) it will come to you. I know from personal experience how the mind works.

    1. I was fortunate this time. It popped in my mind yesterday evening just before I turned off the computer. I've written about it today. :-)

  2. I love that - when a conversation leads to new ideas . . surely something even better will surface - and in the meantime . . this post is entirely super cool.

  3. Ah yes, those great ideas that get lost in 'I'll remember it later'. I have little notebooks all over the house - with pen/pencil attached to them by a string - there's nothing worse than having a good idea, a notebook to write it it . . . and no pen!

    1. I don't know how many times I ask the Husband to borrow his pen and he makes a big point of telling me to give it back to him when I'm done.

  4. Replies
    1. I like the way you say that, Birgit. It's sparking my imagination. I hope mine has fun when it escapes.

  5. Now I found it and it will immediatly be part of my sidebar! P.


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