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No Harm in Asking

Consumers be alert!

This afternoon,  I shopped for the Godmother at the pharmacy, as there werelLots of things on sale that she wanted—cereal, instant coffee, vitamin D3, and more. The vitamins were not on sale, but it still was cheaper than the similar item that was on sale. Pretty good.

After I left the counter, I checked the receipt. Something didn't feel right. I thought the price on the coffee was wrong. It was correct. But the price for the vitamins was wrong. The cash register rang it up as $24.99. The tag on the shelf said $14.99. I brought everything back to the counter and told another clerk (because the first clerk was gone) about the difference.

Huh? The clerk looked at me blankly. So, I told him I'm going back to check the tag again. He told me that if the tag said what I thought it said,  then I should bring the tag back.

Ha! I was correct. The second clerk checked the tag. "Okay, we'll give you a refund," he said and handed it over to the first clerk to process. As she did her magic to give me a refund, I asked, "Can I get it for free since the cash register made a mistake?"

Huh? She looked at me blankly.

"Some stores have the policy of giving an item free, if a customer is charged incorrectly," I said. "No harm in asking. Right?"

"I'll ask my manager," she said, then paged him to the counter. He listened to the problem and said, "I can give you a $5 gift card."

"I'll take it," I said.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Another good saying to remember.


  1. You are Aware, Alert and Adventuress . . . Completely Awesome!!!!

  2. Five bucks in your pocket. Take in a matinee movie. I almost did today but I got cheap and saw an old movie on TV....Time after Time. HG Wells did time travel to USA and present time to get the "goods" on Jack the Ripper. Wells had to return though, because he had all those books to write.

    1. I would but it's a gift card for the store, so probably I shall get the Husband and I a treat to eat as we watch a movie on TV. Time after Time is one I still need to see all the way through.

  3. Good for you! I would say a job well done because we are often to scared to ask these things when they are there for us in the first place

    1. For once, I was quick on my feet. I recalled one store having a policy of giving the item for free if it charges incorrectly, but I couldn't remember which store. After the pharmacy, we went to the grocery store and as we waited in line I saw the store's policy sign about free items. The Husband now knows I wasn't making it up.

  4. If you don't play, you can't win!


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