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Day 79 with Tilda-Hilda

Tilda-Hilda and I pedaled nearly six miles in 41 minutes this morning. We managed to get up a couple of hills that we hadn't done in a few months. I am very thankful that we still have the power.

To break up the difficulty of the first hill, we popped by to say hello to the Daddy. Tilda-Hilda requested a photo with him. I think the Daddy would've been happily surprised that Tilda-Hilda is bright pink.

Best wishes and Happy Giving of Thanks Day to you all, Dear Readers!


  1. Beautiful Photo . . Lovely Reminder
    You have touched my heart . . .

  2. This is just a lovely moment that you shared with your dad. I like this picture.

    1. The Daddy's girl, that's me. :-) Thanks, Birgit.

  3. What a lovely and poignant capture. It warms my heart.

  4. Blessing to you and yours at Thanksgiving time...I hope you had a lovely
    Lovely tribute to the Daddy, he would be so proud of you and particularly
    for the way you and The Husband care for The Mama and Molly the Cat..

    Di and Chloe Cat xx

    1. Thank you, Di and Chloe Cat. Yes indeed ysterday was delightful. Having company tired the Mama, but at the same time refreshed her. A good equalizer. :-)

  5. Congratulations on your bike ride. And I love your stylish ride.

    1. Thanks, Yogi. It was a good reminder that I still can when I put my mind and energy to it. :-)

  6. I reckon the Daddy might have been chuffed! :)


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