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The Mama's Labor Day

"In the Philippines, it was Labor Day when Junior was born," recounts the Mama every year, as the holiday approaches. This year was no different. This year, I wondered if the Mama was being funny and has been waiting years for me to laugh at her joke.


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    1. In my head. The Mama has such a serious—and sometimes sensitive—demeanor that I can't tell when she's joking. Maybe next year, I will laugh out loud when she tells the story and see how she reacts.

  2. Oh gee I finally got it after reading the post. That is funny :0.

  3. Heh, heh, heh ... the birth of the labour movement, perhaps? :)

  4. Oh my-she really does have a labour day:)

    1. I bet it was a very tough one, too. I'm going to try to get her to tell me.


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