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Peppers & Persimmons

Sounds like a nice title for something -- Peppers & Persimmons. Or, perhaps, Persimmons & Peppers. Maybe without the ampersand, and italicized: Peppers and Persimmons; or, Persimmons and Peppers.

The pepper plants have been kind to us this year. Three of four fruits every couple of weeks.

The persimmons are slowly ripening on the tree. We're going to have an extra good crop this year. 

See you tomorrow.


  1. Yummy! This looks great on the photo so you will have a good crop from what I see

    1. The persimmon tree alternates between plenty and scarce, which I think makes sense. After all, it must be tired during its year of plenty.

  2. Ah, so great to have a veggie garden! Didn't know what persimmons tasted like till someone gave me half a bag - I love them now!

    1. You must've got the crunchy ones. The tear-dropped mushy ones are only good for baking. I have a few friends who were introduced to the mushy persimmons and won't even try the crunchy ones.

  3. So great that your garden has flourished this year. I am water no gardening in Texas. Peppers and Persimmons works any way you put it....especially when they are picked and palatable!

    1. The Mama had to choose -- her veggies and flowers or the lawn.Thankfully, she chose the former and we've been very restrictive about how much water the veggies and flowers get. We're very happy stuff has been growing. I hope we will get rain this year. I don't want to see the Mama lose too many of her flowers.

  4. I am going to go against the whole not watering gardens for water conservation mantra here and just point out that farmers are still watering their crops, and it is actually a much lower carbon footprint to water your own garden and have locally grown vegetables. If you have to drive to the store to buy produce which was shipped from elsewhere, that is using resources as well. For those who are worried about water conversations, there are things people can do.

    1. Like replacing lawns with gravel. Or recycling dish water to use on plants.

    2. We recycle bath water on the flowers. We were doing dish water for a while, but the Mama had a fit about that. She has it in her head that doing so would break the pipes somehow. It was an argument I'd rather not have.

      You make very good points about having a veggie garden. The yield is the perfect amount for us. We eat what it gives. I have trouble letting the flowers, trees, and bushes go because they give us oxygen. Our house is one of the few on the street that has a lot of plant life around it. So, the Husband and I are willing to stink a bit so that they may have water. :-)

  5. I make a lamb curry using a Korma Paste, This is very mild but has a delightful flavour, I using cooked lamb( enough at least for four portions) left over from our Sunday roast , so easy.....
    Just fry a large thinly sliced onion in butter or ghee until it is almost singed at the edges,
    then add three whole red chillies and three whole green chillies(use fewer chilli's if you don't like hot), stir in the paste and a 400gram tin of coconut milk , season with a little sea salt and ground black pepper.
    Add the cooked lamb and simmer for about 20 mins, stirring from time to time as it can become quite thick and will stick to the base of the pan..
    I often throw in some left over vegetables such as potatoes, peas and cauliflower, towards the end of cooking, also some fresh spinach leaves will add to the taste and colour.
    Serve with plain Basmati rice cooked with chunks of fresh lemon,
    Ready made, Chapati and Nan bread go well with this too !
    We usually get four good sized dinners from this recipe.
    We are growing green chillies in a pot on the window ledge in the kitchen but they seem to be taking an age to grow....All tips are most welcome! (particularly from the Mama).

    love di xx

    1. Di, I'm drooling over your recipe and I don't like lamb. This I would try with beef or chicken. Yumm. I like curry. I either use Chinese curry paste or curry powder that I get from the bulk spice section. I wonder if I can purchase Korma Paste here. I learned about it a couple of weeks ago from another blog.

      Are you growing the chiles indoors? That may be why they're taking so long to grow.

      Thanks for the recipe. Have you thought about doing recipes for an ABC round?

    2. I have done one or two, I'll have to find a link for you.

      Di xx


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