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Days 61 to 72 with Tilda-Hilda

I have no photo of Tilda-Hilda and me, but I give you one of me pretending to race on a bike rack in Half Moon Bay. The Husband took it on our day out celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary, which I wrote about yesterday.

Tilda-Hilda and I are still pedaling about, mostly around the neighborhood. Sometimes once a day, sometimes twice. We go as fast as we can, always stopping at the Godmother Pat's house. Remember, she had a horrible work accident in which the tips of her thumb and middle finger blew off. After nearly three months, she's doing as well as can be. She and the Mama come from one amazing generation of stalwart women.

I'm ready to go further distances with Tilda-Hilda. The Husband and I drive down country roads and I see Tilda-Hilda and my spirits pedaling on the shoulders. Maybe once the high temperatures give way to regular autumnal weather, we'll be out there again.


  1. Thanks for sharing her courage.


  2. Replies
    1. Put me on a bicycle, even a fake one, and I transform. :-)

  3. I love this picture! Your Godmother sounds like a strong woman and glad she is healing well. I love your outfit:)

    1. Thanks. This is my favorite going-out outfit, which is starting to fray. I need to think about alternatives.

  4. It's the perfect weather for bike riding here ... bright sunshine and nice and mild ... had enough of hot on our trip to last me a lifetime!


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