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Five Things On My Desk

I have more like 200+ things on my desk if I were to count individual papers and photographs. My desk was originally a kitchen table, which means chaos rules.  Though I think it's relatively neat at the moment.

Okay, five things that are on my desk.
  1. Two seeds—an apricot pit and a lemon seed from fruit in our backyard. Well, there aren't any more apricots. The Mama, the Husband, and I happily ate them all. Molly the Cat turned her nose to them.
  2. A brown rubber lizard. I got it and several of its siblings more than 30 years ago. I gave the siblings away as trick gifts. Yes, I've scared people with the lizard. It doesn't have a name. I wonder if it would like to be called Buddy.
  3.  My address book that fits neatly in my purse, if I remember to bring it.
  4.  A paperweight that has a dandelion inside it. The Father-in-law gifted it to me long ago.
  5. Recipes for soft gingerbread cookies, lemon-poppy seed quick bread, and a friend's mom's recipe for Spanish rice.
What's on your desk? 

P.S. It's just past midnight and still 72 degrees.  I'm listening to a chorus of crickets. It's rather delightful.


  1. Your life sounds rather delightful. Pits and all.

  2. Not too many people can say they have a lizard on their desk. I think his name should be Hal

    1. I called for Hal and he peeked out from beneath a bunch of paper. Hal, he is! He says "Thank you, Birgit, for showing her the way."

  3. Susie,

    I cleaned up my desk, but there's still a lot on it. There's a mic for podcasting, my very essential chocolate supply, cups full of pens and scissors, dozens of papers and notebooks and books, a lamp, a paperweight in the shape of a heart, erasers and rulers, an ipod and a Kindle, some small sandstone rocks I collected from the local bush tracks... actually I haven't got anything exciting on my desk at the moment.... unless you count my feather quill pen!


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Thanks for the good cheer. :-)

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