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A Thrilling Moment

I took this photo of this stunt biker a few weeks ago at the Hollister Airshow. The biker, not at this particular moment, raced a monoplane. The biker and pilot started and ended at the same point on the tarmac. The biker turned at the midway point before the pilot could lift off, but the pilot managed to fly to the finish line before the biker. But, just barely.


  1. WOW For a second I thought that was you on Hilda Tilda. Wah Hoo

    1. hahahahahahahahahahaha. Both the Husband and I are laughing. If only I had the courage do a wheelie on Tilda-Hilda.

  2. They can make things look so easy but it is anything but, he must have been going insanely fast

    1. He was going fast. There were 5 of them, including a 7-year old boy. My favorite was the woman on the motorcycle in a device that let her do 360 degree spins.

  3. Creative shot and looks like some creative editing also ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol


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