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Day 16 with Tilda-Hilda

Don't you just hate it when the thing you wanted to tell someone slipped deep into the recess of your mind? Maybe it'll come back to the top. Maybe not. Which makes me wonder, how deep are our minds that a forgotten thought gets lost. Anyway, we'll never know what it is I wanted to write about from Tilda-Hilda's and my ride this morning.

Oh, well. Cool station wagon, don't you think? It reminds me of the station wagon we had for a short while when I was kid. Our was beige with a tan top. I like station wagons even more than pick-up trucks. The last car I owned as a single woman was a used white Volvo station wagon. That was fun to drive. 

Today, Tilda-Hilda and I pedaled nine miles in 49 minutes. I was going to say 9 minutes per mile, but then that would make 81 minutes. My arithmetic skills are truly getting bad. But, I won't get into that. Instead, enjoy the bicycle song and video that Widdershins of Widdershins Worlds suggested the other day when I mentioned I was looking for bicycle songs. Thank you, Widders!


  1. You are doing so great-I am so happy for you that you are enjoying your travels and noticing this neat old car. I love that video and song. Those old postcards are a treat and I loved seeing the holidays with the Victorian kids on a bike along with turkeys and those rabbits-my favourite

    1. I didn't see the car at first. I was taking other photos. Turned around. Voila! There it was.

      The video is so cute. I could just reach in and pinch the kids' little cheeks. Ha! I've become an old lady.

  2. We don't have many station wagons in the UK,
    the few we have seem to be used by by builders and farmers.
    The kids in the video look like children in The Mabel Lucie Atwell Stories
    which were popular in the 50's
    Regards Di,xx
    P.S. I have put a reply to your comment on my ABCW contribution, I always try to reply to comments made but I'm never quite sure if people go back to read them.. Di x

    1. Ever since vans and SUVs came on the scene, the station wagon has been relegated to fond memories as a kid. I suppose it's easier to keep the kids safe in vans and SUVs, though we seemed to have come through all right.
      Thanks for the heads up, Di. Sometimes I go back to see if there are any replies to my comments if I remember. I definitely do when I know a blogger responds.


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