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A Tuesday Ramble

In 1969  I saw a movie called If It's Tuesday, This Must be Belgium starring Suzanne Pleshette, who was a bus tour guide in Europe. I recall only two things about the movie. Pleshette's character fell in love with someone to whom she had an immediate disliking (of course) and one of the older American tourists took toilet fixtures from the hotels where they stayed as his souvenirs. I also remember wanting to become a tour guide after seeing the movie.

So, what got me thinking about that movie? Well, it's Tuesday. I'm not in Belgium, but the Husband and I are about to drive over to Freedom (yes, there's such a town in California) to purchase cat food for Molly the Cat. What we will do for that cat.

Big, BIG Waves
Have you ever dreamed of ocean waves higher than the tallest buildings in your town coming towards you? I had one of those dreams a couple nights ago. The waves came in two or three times. Each time, I was able to find shelter and hang on.  One of these days, I'll attempt to draw a picture of my dream. The waves in the distance were amazing. Almost like a disaster movie.

I don't think dreaming of big, BIG ocean waves is anything ominous. I didn't wake up feeling unsettled. Well, I did feel unsettled, but not like something bad is going to happen. I searched a bit online about the meaning of waves. It could mean very strong emotions brewing way down deep or waddling in procrastination. I do a lot of the latter, that's for sure.

Staying Creative
The photo above is my June calendar. Every day I draw the date.   Miss Jane Austen was kind enough to be like Vanna White for the photo.  Unlike Vanna, Miss Austen won't be earning $8 million for her pointing work.

Until later.

P.S. I found a clip for If it's Tuesday, This Must be Belgium. Enjoy.


  1. OK Love the page you drew:) I have also dreampt of waves coming towards me that were very high and I knew it is emotionally based. I guess that means I am a bit nutty. Love this film!!! What's funny is if you pick up those tour guides in a travel office, the agenda has not changed at all. Donovan was in the film singing a song other than "Mellow, Yellow". Norman fell is in the film along with Peggy Cass. Ian McShane was the tour guide Suzanne fell for. It is a fun film:)

    1. I added the film to our Netflix queue. Can hardly wait to see it again. The Husband says he hasn't seen it. He got a big kick out of the clip.

      It's good to know I'm in good company, thank you very much. :-)

  2. Susie,

    Oh, I do like your journal! And Miss Austen too. I've never seen the movie you mentioned, but I have seen waves that rose higher than a building. When I was a university student, I lived in a small Welsh town called Aberystwyth. It's right on the coast. One winter's night the weather was so wild the waves went over the buildings that were closest to the sea and landed in the street behind. The buildings were several stories high. No chance of seeing such waves these days. We don't live near the coast!

    1. What an experience, Sue! I don't think I can handle such waves in person. May I only see them in my dreams, because I know I shall survive them.

  3. I love how creative you are with daily blog posts and drawings. Keep up the inspiration.

    1. Thanks, Julia. My goal is to post daily for a year. So, we shall see.


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