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G is for Garlic

Garlic.  Yummmmmmmm. Can you tell that I like garlic?

I eat so much garlic I can no longer taste the garlic. So, it's possible I have what people call awful garlic breath. I don't know.  But, I must not eat that much garlic since mosquitoes still love to bite me.

About 15 miles from where we live is a garlic factory. Lots of people dislike the smell that comes out of the factory. Not me. I love driving by it and getting in that sweet spot on the road where you drive right through the aroma. Yummmmmmmmmmm. Too bad a tomato cannery doesn't stand right next to the factory.

I was about 30 years old when I realized that not everyone cooks with a lot of garlic. At a dinner in which we, guests, helped prepare the meal, the hostess asked me to make the garlic bread. She set out a loaf of French bread, a cube of butter, and a bulb of garlic. So, I smashed, cleaned and minced the garlic, then cut the bread in two, slathered butter over the two halves, and sprinkled the garlic over them. Each half was completed studded with minced garlic.  I wrapped the bread in aluminum and put it in the hostess' oven.

After dinner, the hostess said, "I've never had garlic bread like that before. It was delicious."

That night I learned that people don't normally use a whole bulb of garlic for garlic bread. Ah ha!

The next time we had a dinner party at the hostess' house, she asked me to make the garlic bread again. With no changes to my recipe.

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  1. I'm with you babe. During the month of Sept. I ate a whole bulb of garlic every day. Not a clove but it was a whole bulb. I did miracles. I could drive people out of a room with a single breath. All that and on an empty stomach, yet. I would have loved your bread, too.

    1. oooh, I would've enjoyed smelling your breath, then. :-)

  2. Me and the hubby can't live without garlic. Love it so. My mom couldn't stand it. She said it was from a former employer who invited her to family dinners. Every time he was near her or spoke to her she could smell the garlic and that was it for her

    1. I made garlic bread this evening/last night. I can still feel it in my mouth. My breath still smells sweet. At least to me. I'm sure if I breathed on Molly the Cat, she'd go running away. Hmmm, I remember our parakeet flew away when it happened to take a whiff of my mouth after dinner. LOL

  3. Life without garlic is no life at all!!! ... I like to have a little bread with my garlic too.

  4. Garlic is a wonderful seasoning...but for me in moderation and in the form of salt. Is that terribly incorrect in the world of garlic cooking? My mother thought garlic was a medicinal seasoning. I do hear it is good for some ailments. I know I love homemade bread with garlic butter. You can bring a loaf to my house...anytime.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal
    AtoZ 2015 Challenge
    Minion for AJ's wHooligans

    1. I like garlic salt, but because the Husband has a low-salt diet, garlic salt doesn't enter the pantry.

  5. I love garlic, and just today I made a salad dressing with fresh garlic and tahini.

  6. Oh yum! I love garlic too. It is crazy to think people don't use it. I try to sneak that and onions in everything I make. Mmms! I do my garlic bread heavy on the garlic but not quite that much but quite a few cloves go into making it :)

    Anna @ herding cats & burning soup

    1. I was good last night when I made garlic bread. Only used half a bulb. :-)

  7. Susie,

    I love garlic too. When I was a university student, we went on a field trip to Spain. All our food was bought from local market stalls and consisted mainly of various vegetables and garlic. On the last night of our visit, all the food we had left was cooked up, including multiple cloves of garlic. It was strong! But it was also good! I think I would enjoy your garlic bread too.


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