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Saturday Morning Ramble

My town does not have a bookshop, an art supplies store, or a music store. Once upon a time it had all three. When I was a teenager, I fantasized about one day owning a bookstore with a ceramic wheel in the back so that people who want to play with ceramics can do their thing. I even knew what space in town I wanted to have my bookstore. Sometimes the fantasy of having a bookstore pops up when the Husband and I stumble upon a vacant space on main street or thereabouts. I no longer want a ceramic wheel. But, I do think of offering a service for people to have their packages delivered to my bookstore so that they don't have to fear about them being stolen off their porch.

In a tiny way, I am living out my bookshop fantasy by having a virtual online book store at Amazon, which  focuses on books about my town and county, as well as local authors.  I could expand this virtual shop by adding other categories that interest me. Yes, I could. Maybe, I will. I'll put it on my To-Do list to consider.

Back to the topic that is in my head. My To-Do list calendar, which you see up there in the photo. Last month, I was inspired to create my own daily calendar, doodling the date everyday. I'm enjoying the first—and sometimes only—burst of creativity each day. Once, I did the next date before I retired from the office for the evening. I was actually bummed the next morning that I did not have a date to doodle. I am not going to do that again.

I started my post writing about the non-existent bookshop, art supplies, store, and music store in my town because the Husband and I happened to find all three in the same part of a shopping plaza in a town about 30 miles away. We had a delightful time wandering around the three shops.  We'll be stopping by again since we drive over that way to buy cat food for our very particular eater Molly the Cat. 

While at the art supplies shop, I purchased some colored pencils. Lemon yellow, olive green, true blue, and golden brown. Now, I can color the sun in yellow. Whooo-hooo! And, that was what I really wanted to write about today. That my new colored pencil of lemon yellow makes me giddy. The other three are cool, too. Together, all four colors pirouette on the page. The lemon yellow, though, shouts joy like the sun.

By the way, the FCC requires that I tell you that if you click on the Amazon link and purchase anything while any where at Amazon, I may be rewarded with a few pennies for referring you to their site. Ka-ching!


  1. I am happy you are doodling and creating a nice day calendar. You found some neat colours and it is always fun to do that. Too bad your small town doesn't have all 3...those days of bustling small towns seem to be disappearing

    1. The town leaders have plans to recharge the downtown area. So we shall see. If I had the ambition, I'd start a combination bookshop and art store.

  2. Enjoyed your post. I can relate.

  3. A Doodle Your Own Date Calendar!!! Brilliant .. I love working with coloured pencils too. I've had this wonderful Dewent set, it its own wooden box for ever. I go through cycles of having sketches everywhere and then dry spells where I don;t touch them for months on end. Thanks for kickstarting the 'everywhere' cycle.

    1. All right, Widdershins! Hope you share some of your sketches on your blog.


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