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From the First Blog

Cu'Pie Baby Bird says "Chirp. Chirp." was the first blog I wrote and published. That was back in 2007. Did I really say, "back in 2007"? It was only eight years ago, but it certainly seems like much longer. I bet I still have things left to do on my To-Do list from back then....Oh, yeah, I do! The big one: Have a garage sale. Hmmmm.

Where was I? Today, I decided to share a post from my first blog. Here thou goeth.

Movin' On Up 

Originally posted Sunday, June 17, 2007

We are moving up in the world. Or maybe the cliché should be -- we’re keeping up with the Jones’s. (Edit from Dick: “You can say either. It means the same thing.**)

Yesterday we stopped at Bed, Breakfast, and Beyond. (Another edit from Dick: “No. It’s Bed, Bath, and Beyond.”) This was our second stop in over a month, a very unusual thing for us. The only stores we grace more than once in a blue moon are the grocery store, the drug store, and the bookstore.

Our mission this time round was to buy a cherry pitter and a kitchen trash can with a lid. We headed for the beyond section where Dick immediately found the cherry pitters that are dishwasher safe. As we circled the section, I couldn’t help but get a package of silicone basting brushes and another plastic- thingy that covers a dish as it heats up in the microwave. Each item is wonderfully dishwasherable, too. (Editorial comment from Dick, the Dishwasher: When choosing any new item that must be washed, it must be dishwasher safe.)

We walked all over the store searching for a garbage can. Turns out the selection of receptacles were in front of the store, next to the entrance. The top of the line was $179! I wonder how much garbage you would need to throw out before you felt you recouped your investment. You know, after a certain point, every bit of garbage is just gravy, dude. Turkey or beef, doesn't matter.

We settled on something far less expensive, but still a bit luxurious for a garbage can—$39!. It’s a 30-liter silver-streamlined garbage can with a fitted black top AND a foot pedal you can press to open the top. Hoo-ha! And the engineer designed it so that the part of the garbage bag that folds over the rim is not visible. (Editorial comment from Dick: Regardless of what you see in the photo.) It looks and works very trés cool.

Yep, we now own a cherry pitter, two silicone brushes, and a posh garbage can. We are definitely moving up in the world. Right up there with the Jones’s.

**I know I can make the changes without quoting Dick, but what’s the fun in that.

Update: The cherry pitter is still a fun gadget because I rarely use it. The silicone brushes keep moved around the kitchen so it takes awhile to find one when I want one. The foot pedal no longer works on the posh garbage can. It's a good thing we didn't purchase that expensive one. The dishwasher went kaput several years ago and the Husband now washes dishes by hand two or three times nearly every day. One of these days we'll get that dishwasher fixed or buy a new one. It's definitely on the To-Do list.


  1. I am becoming more alive:) That is neat to review your first post. We bought a (sort of) expensive garbage can and it broke within 6 months. We stick to the cheaper and they work better:) We watched a show in Canada called "Marketplace" where they talked about the new fridges, dishwashers and stoves and the people who fix them have stated they are now made to break down. If you can google "Marketplace"-the TV show in Canada you might be able to find the program about it....very enlightening.

    1. Yay to you feeling more alive, Birgit! Hurrah!

      I've heard that, too, about companies producing stuff so they're outmoded by certain date. That's disgusting.

  2. Wow - eight years is a long time for a blog. Congratulations!

  3. In Interwebz time, 8 years is at least six generations of software updates ... and if we consider a generation to be 25 years human time, that means you've been blogging for ... EMEGHERD!!! ... 150 years!!!

    1. Put it that way, I ought to start thinking about retirement.

    2. Nooooooooooooo! Your blog is too much fun. :)


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