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Something about a Trail

"Hello." "Good morning." "Happy New Year!" "Have a nice day."

Most people, I've noticed, are friendly to each other on walking trails. Some are even willing to stop and pass a few moments to cheerfully talk to strangers. Maybe we should imagine that all streets, roadways, paths, sidewalks are trails.

Today, I'm linking up with The Weekend in Black and White, hosted by Dragonstar. Click here to see other black and white photos be bloggers around the world.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I appreciate it. What you say about trails is true. Everyone is friendly while walking in the woods. I only wish it were a little warmer here in Connecticut so I can get out and walk some nearby trails. Very nice black and white photo!

    1. Thanks, Ed. It'll be Spring before you know it.

  2. A great b&w photo!
    Happy New Year to you!
    My b&w post at:

  3. Walking with a dog helps conversation as well. Very pleasant photo, with great light and shadows.

  4. I love the light in this... it has such a romantic feel to it


  5. It is so true about trails and too bad people can't be like that on a regular street

    1. Maybe when we're in the outdoors, we're so relaxed, we're open to greeting others.

  6. Such a beautifu l scenerey Love it as BW :)


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