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Hush, Mockingbird, Hush!

Our sweetie-cakes is bored.

How do I know Miss Molly by Golly is bored?

"Break time," she mewed. She hopped up on my desk, walked back and forth on my keyboard, and checked out what was on the computer, then plopped down in front of me, insisting that she be petted.

Molly rarely comes upstairs into the office in the morning on her own volition. (Ooooh, big word. Could my ability to recall vocabulary be coming back? Take that Menopause!) And, the only reason she normally doesn't care to seek out my attention at this time of the day is because she's enjoying herself in the Mama's garden.

So, why wasn't she there on this gorgeous summer day? Unfortunately, summer brings back her seasonal harasser—the mockingbird. Every time, Molly the Cat goes outside, the bird suddenly appears and screeches at her. Molly just sits and looks at it, as if saying, "What's your problem?" The mockingbird then swoops at her and as Molly retreats to the house, the bird tries to peck at her back.
When we hear the mockingbird, the Husband or I go out to chase it away. The mockingbird, alas, is no longer scared of either of us.

This year, the mockingbird has a partner, and they have made a nest either in the tree in the front yard or one of the persimmons in the back. Sometimes both of them are going at Molly. Poor baby.

I tell Molly that she needs to stand up for herself, to hiss and show them her claws. I even demonstrate. For a moment, I can get that mockingbird to scram, but it's more like we're arguing with each other. Molly mews at me, as if saying, "That's so undignified. I just want them to leave me alone."

So do we.

Hopefully, the mockingbird babies will be born soon and the family will fly away to their next port. Then, Molly can get back to her morning roaming and relaxing in the back yard.


  1. I love cat names ... and your cat has a great one! Thank goodness we have animals that require attention so we can stop and smell the roses.

    1. That's for sure, Susan. This morning, Molly and I were hanging out on the patio when this bright yellow thing went swooping by like it was a dragster. Whooooooooooosh! We also got the thrill of seeing a huge hawk fly over.

  2. Oh poor Molly. It should be the birds scared of the cat:) Now the song about the Mockingbird won't sing is in my head. Right now, our Jade meows until I put a chair beside me so she can sit beside me otherwise she steals my chair. Lucy likes to walk all over the key boards. Aren't animals joyful?!:)

    1. Joyful, indeed! Early this morning, I woke up to Molly landing on top of me as she jumped on the bed. She wanted us to wake up already. After a few strokes, she was sleeping between the Husband and me.

  3. Susie,

    We don't have mocking birds but we do have magpies. They get very territorial in spring when their chicks are hatching. They swoop down on anyone who is brave enough to try and walk by their tree. I sympathise with poor Molly. It is after all her garden. I hope she is roaming free very soon.

    1. She was cornered this morning, Sue. I noticed though that instead of cowering, she was facing them. She ran to me when she saw me, saying something like "Those silly birds." As I was pulling twigs off her her she caught a bug and so suddenly she thought she was a brave cat's meow and headed back towards the birds. LOL

  4. Poor Molly! Everyone thinks the cats always prevail in these things, but sometimes, birds can be bullies. Hopefully they're just being overprotective parents and they're not forming some kind of mockingbird gang.

    I wonder what the tattoos would look like.

    1. Tattoos on birds, hahahahahah. That's a wonderful image.

  5. Replies
    1. Miss Molly by Golly. She was acting less nervous this morning but then she had quite a morning. Big old hawk flying over. Crows, too. A bright yellow dragster of a bird swept past us, never saw such a thing before. And she ate a bug and swaggered about with bravada. Who know what this afternoon may bring.

  6. My dog does that when she's scared--usually thunder or fireworks does it. She'll come over and hang out near me, acting all sweet, and I'll realize what's going on!


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