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A Kind and Thoughtful Guy

The other day the Husband pushed my pink beach cruiser along the highway while I walked slowly behind him. Is that a sweetheart or what?

I'd ridden nearly 8 miles when I heard POW! My rear wheel shook like something got caught in the spokes. A few minutes later, the bicycle was not going as fast as my feet were pedaling it. Hello, Flat Tire. Grrrr.

Thank goodness, I had the camera to distract myself as I pushed the bicycle beside me. Want to see the photos that I took of cows & horses, grass, palm trees, and yellow barn?

And, I had the cell phone. Pshew. It was days like that I was glad I paid attention to the Husband when he asked, "Do you have the phone?" It took a couple of tries before I got hold of the Husband to tell him what happened so he and the Mama wouldn't worry.

"Would you like me to come and walk with you?" he asked.

"You don't have to," I said, "But, that would be nice."

About 40 minutes later, I was waving and ringing the bicycle bell to catch the husband's attention on the other side of the street.

"Hi," he said, handing me a banana.


"I brought some water, too, but I spilled most of it."

We pulled over into the shade of an orchard to rest. I didn't want to sit down. It would be just harder to struggle back up. My feet were tired and aching in my worn down blue Converse shoes, which were good for pedaling bicycles but not for walking. As I ate the banana, the Husband talked about how it took him awhile to get the Mama to understand that I had a flat tire and I walking down the highway, but I was fine.

"I thought about driving over," he said. "But I didn't know where any rope was for tying the bike in the trunk."

I nodded, pushing  the bike back onto the highway, "Here, let me take it," said the Husband.

"I think I need to lean on it to walk. You know like the way Mama pushes a shopping cart in the store. False confidence."

"The bike's heavy. You'll be able to walk better without it. Give it a try," he said.


As he took the bike, he said, "Anytime you want it, just let me know."

The Husband was right. It was easier.  And, when we got home, he asked if I'd like to go out to breakfast. 

What a guy, don't you think?


  1. Susie,

    You are right: What a guy! I like how the Husband thought to bring you a banana and some water. I have never been stranded with a flat bicycle tyre. I don't have a bike! The last time I got onto a bike, I fell off into a bush so I prefer to use my own feet. I'm also glad you had your camera with you. I enjoyed your photos!

    1. Thanks, Sue. I'm happy that you enjoyed the pictures. Yeah, the Husband surprised me with the banana and water, too. It sure helped me stumble through the last 2 miles.

  2. A flat tire on a bike--I don't think I've ever had that happen. But I don't bike like most people!

    1. This was my second flat in 2 months. That can only mean I'm working out a lot more. LOL.

  3. Oh when men do something wonderful it makes up for things when you want to scream at them:) I have a feeling your hubby takes things in stride and you don't have to kill him on occasion. Of course I am thinking of my hubby-aka-Speedy Gonzales on speed:) Your hubby was so thoughtful to bring water and a banana and then to go out for breakfest-That is a sweetheart. Now I will go look at your pics

    1. After 18 years together, our growls at each other don't last long. It's almost like they're forgotten once they are said. Although he offered to take me out, I declined so that I could eat a bowl of ice cream. First time. I topped it with cheerios and chia seeds to make it breakfasty.

  4. Just posted my Liebster award ... I, ahem, took a slight liberty with our conversation when you told me I was nominated ... hope you approve.

    1. Whooo-hooo!

      To read Widdershins answers to my questions or to check out her blog, go to

  5. You have a sweet considerate husband who obviously loves you. Walking with you is nice--bringing along sustenance to refresh you is wonderful! Gold Star hubby!
    Mary @ The View from my World

    1. I like your phrase--"Gold Star hubby." Methinks I shall make a gold star for him. :-)

  6. Sorry about your bike tire, but your husband sounds really thoughtful to push the bike. I have a suggestion on how to prevent popped tires. I get inter-tubes called green slime, and these are kind of pricey, about twenty dollars for each tire. However, these are worth it because I have done months of riding my bike over terrain that has these poky little pods that used to pop my tires, and now I no longer get flat tires. I highly recommend those inter-tubes.

  7. Oh and I got the name of that inter-tube wrong. It is Slime, not green slime. I just call it green slime because this green slime emits if you accidentally run over a poky object, and it seals up the hold in the tire.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I run over those poky things a lot so I buy the heavy intertubes. Have no idea what they're called, but I will ask the store guy about Slime tubes. I like the image of a pokey hole sealing instantly. This flat was caused by a huge nail. I wonder if Slime can work magic on nails. Another thing to ask the bike guy.

      Hopefully I'll get the tire fixed this week.


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