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Danger: Crazy Writer at Work

Sometimes, it feels like this when I'm working: Herding sheep (which are the words) into a pen.

The sheep, however, are not being nice about going into the pen. Sheep there. Sheep over there. And more sheep way, waaaaay over there. Then, of course, I must not forget the sheep that are hidden from view. Or, those sheep that have made their way to a meadow I had no idea existed. Where's Little Bo Peep when you need her? But, wait, she lost her sheep.

I wonder though if sheep is the best animal to stand for the words.

How about a horse? Gallop. Trot.  Nostrils flaring, head tossing back, foot stamping. Such attitude. Neighhhhhhhhhh.

Maybe the words are more like cattle or milking cows. Mooooooooooo.

Definitely not cats.

Be nice if the words were more like dogs. Woof-woof. Here I am. How ya doing?  I'll hang out with you. Can I do anything? You need a nuzzle. Give it a rest. Let's go for a walk.



  1. Hi Su-sieee.
    Thanks for popping in during the A to Z challenge. It was super-hectic and I didn't have the time or energy to visit sooner.
    Congrats on finishing the challenge.
    Nice to meet you. *waving*

    Writer In Transit

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you enjoyed. How coincidental that you dropped by when you did. I happened to look at "The Followers photos", saw you were the first to follow, and wondered what you've been blogging lately. :-)

  3. Love the image of the words nuzzling up like a loyal dog, and then getting the writer out of the house for a walk.

    1. Dog was right about that walk. Turns out he makes a good sheepherder, too. :-)

  4. They're hanging out at the pen eating and drinking and saying some choice words.


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