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Verily, Molly the Cat

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Yesterday afternoon, while the Husband and I worked in the Mama's garden, Molly the Cat walked along the fence. We didn't know what she had been up to until the Husband went looking for her. He found her heading down a connecting fence. Fortunately, she turned around when he called to her.  He took her off the fence, put her down on the ground, and followed her to the house all the while praising her for a job well done. After she went inside the house, the Husband shut the door.

Molly the Cat rested beside the screen door and watched  us hammer poles into the ground, untangle wire fencing, and attach the wire between poles for vegetables to climb up and up. She did not say a word unlike the neighborhood dogs when they want their way.

When the  Husband and I came to the screen door, Molly the Cat sat up.

First, she looked adoringly at the Husband.

"Verily, kind sir, please, will you open the door?"

 Then, she looked at me.

"Lady, put down the camera already, and open the door!"


  1. Cats have the patience of Jobe. As soon as I get out of my bedroom in the morning, both Puss and Cody line up for their breakfast. Cody whines and prances but Puss just sits there, patiently watching me. Of course the squeaking wheel gets her breakfast first. I just want to get rid of her so she shuts up.

    1. I continue to lobby the crew for a dog to join us. Molly's foster human said that Molly liked dogs more than cats. For a long while I wondered if she adopted dogs' mannerisms. Nope, they are the Molly the Cat's own.

  2. Ah! an adventuring cat.
    They seem to know the way of wonder. I'm glad you know how to keep her safe.

    1. We don't mind her walking the fence, but we just don't want her to get into the habit. It's very difficult for the Mama to help her down, should they be alone.

  3. Cats have so much personality. Silly cat. ;P

  4. You two must have that mother/daughter stuff going around...she smiles for the Daddy and growls at the Mom...soon soon when she needs something she'll come meowing up to you...have fun...

    1. Yep, she does meow up to me when I'm in the kitchen. "May I have some food, huh, huh?


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