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Today's Weather Report

Goooooooood Morning, Sunshine!

Yesterday was a wonderful dark day of rain, rain, and a bit more rain. Something we definitely needed. Today is a bright, cheery day of sunshine, although cold and colder in the shadows. And, a head full of snow is on the mountains to the east. As for tomorrow—and the couple days later—with grace, it shall be raining again.

Don't you just like how the Mama's pink daisies look with their shiny faces full of rain drops?


  1. Su-siee
    I somehow missed your post on Valentines day. That is a wonderful story. Good for you and serves you right, jack ass.... See I got it. Very clever. I have no time for men like that, although there was a time in my life I didn't understand them. I got smart fast but it sounds like you were already smart.

    1. Hmmmm, that's one way of looking at it, which I like. :-)

  2. Daisies already? The Mama has some powerful mojo!

    1. The daisies never went away. And, yep, the Mama has the best gardening mojo I've ever seen. Hopefully, some of it got passed along to me.


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Thanks for the good cheer. :-)

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