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A Pink Sky to End the Year

It's not that I don't have something in mind to write about. I do. Lots. But, work words must be written first. So, for today, I give you photos of a pink sky on the last evening of 2011.  Until Monday, dear readers.

The Husband and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. As we wandered we wondered
if we would come across Mr. L. Gatto Cat in one of his favorite hang outs. We were quite
surprised to see him hanging out on the fence when we got home. (This was two nights before
he left our lives forever.)

Such an amazing sky, don't you think? Hollister, California, that's where we live.
Nope. I'm not talking about that silly store.


  1. Su-siee,
    That cloud looks colorful and pink with the sun but as I look at it, could it be a chemtrail? That long long cloud in the back looks like it too. You would know as you are used to your sky. We have them so much, I can tell right away when I see one. (here, that is). That first picture makes me sad to think you don't have el gatto.

  2. Manz, they may have been chemtrails. I went searching and found several web sites talking about lots of chemtrails in our region that night. Bummer.


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