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The Mama-isms at the Kitchen Table

I heard these three Mama-isms quite often when I was a small child sitting at the kitchen table:

"Don't lean on your hand. God will get mad."

"Don't sing at the table. God will get mad."

"Don't play with your food. God will get mad."

The husband told me he was told similar things as a kid. Just not the part about "God will get mad." His parents usually said something like: "Don't lean on the table. That's not polite."

Since the Mama had to remind me more than once about not doing certain things at meal time, I must've figure God wasn't mad at me at all. And, look, I still sometimes play with my food.


  1. We were told not to move place while eating, we may get more than one husband. Your food is cute :)

  2. Cody would like to clean up your plate. You and my friend Marilyn should eat together. (friend of 51 years) She's played and moved her food around all that time and most likely longer. You 2 would have fun together with your food. :)I recalled that singing at the table rule (not with the God, though) Exception birthdays when the cake appeared. I used to want to whistle and I always heard, "Whistling girls and crowing hens, always come to some bad end. "
    Love you, Manzanita

  3. Mine was I had to sit at the table until my plate was empty. They only won because they were bigger than me.

  4. oceangirl, the mama has one for not changing seats while eating,too. Can't remember it though, but even at this old age of mine, I went back to my original seat.

    Manzanita, I would love to meet you and Marilyn. You two are inspiring and so much fun.

    widdershins, so true!

  5. We're not supposed to play with our food? Oh.

  6. My mom would tell me not to play with my food and to EAT IT! Oh, she would get so angry at me. But I hated pork chops! And mashed potatoes!

    Now I want pancakes.

  7. Alice, I have no doubts you still do. :-)

    ryoko861, now I want pork chops. The best pork chops I've ever eaten was many years ago at a restaurant on the island of Hawaii. Yep, that delicious!


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