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The Wearing of Red

I do feel sspassazzy about wearing something red now that I'm a young "old" fogey. Nope, not a red hat. Though I did learn I could've joined the Red Hat Society several years ago.

Yesterday, I bought myself a red lacy brassiere. Ooh la-la, indeed.

First time, I've ever owned a red one. Wonder why I never got one before. I liked the way I felt free, invincible, and joyful when I tried it on, similar to how I feel after having cut my hair very short.

Do I feel this same way when I wear a red frock, red shoes, or red earrings? Not that I can recall, but then I rarely wear red because it is such a visible color. Hello, stop sign. When I was in eighth grade, the mama made me a lovely red dress. She was disappointed that I didn't like to wear it. Ah, kids. I would definitely wear it today.

How about you? How does wearing red make you feel? 


  1. He sweetie,
    I suppose everyone will be asking the obvious question, so I won't. My very first shoulder purse was red when I was about 14. I wore it once but didn't like the comments so I never wore it again. How did I ever remember that?
    Enjoy your bra


  2. YOU GO, GIRL!! What's next, a red thong?

  3. Manzi, we just weren't divas in 8th grade. LOL!

    fishducky, no thongs for me. Songs, most definitely. :-)

  4. Wore red to the gay Pride Parade here in Vancouver today ... and yellow, and green ... so, red makes me feel like having a party!!!

  5. I don't like red so it doesn't give me any kind of lift to wear it. On the other hand, I'm fond of tiger print, but generally try to tone it down because as fat as I am, the stuff will stop traffic, and not in a good way.


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