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Guess What It Is

Uh-hmm. Is that how you spell the sound of clearing one's voice?  Ah-hemmmm.

This morning I was making the husband's side of the bed. Nah, I'm not the bedmaker. The husband was making up my side of the bed. That's how it was today. Tomorrow may be different.

Anyway, I didn't see it right away. The white strand of something that was floating above the husband's side of the bed. When I did finally saw it, I climbed up on the bed and laid down beneath it.

"Look, look," I said, then pretended to snore the husband's snore so the white strand floated upwardly. I did it a few times before he caught on.

So, what did we do?

We laughed for a long time.

Wouldn't you?

We decided that white strand wasn't there when he got up. He would've sheared it right off, as it was hanging quite, quite low over his side of the bed. Whatever made it had at least an hour to spin that thick strand of cobweb from the lamp to the top of the 2009 calendar that hangs on the wall above the bed. It could've been anywhere from 3 to 4 or more feet long. Really, that's an amazing feat.

I suppose it's time to get the broom and go cobweb hunting around the house. Maybe, I might.


  1. Both you & Inger at DESERT CANYON LIVING blogged about spider webs today. Do you suppose they have some evil plot to take over our minds? Why do I hear the Twilight Zone theme playing in the background?

  2. Hi, fishducky. You might be onto something about spiders taking over the world. What creeps me out more than spiders is the idea of robotic ones. shudder.

  3. You gotta wonder why it needed such a thick strand. Definitely something to do with taking over the world.

  4. Alice, that's what I wondered, too.

  5. I 'spose it had to be strong enough to resist the suction of that snoring!!!

  6. widdershins, LOL! Sometimes he wakes up coughing all of a sudden. Now I wonder if it's because he swallowed combweb.

  7. haha. i just, for the last couple hours, took a broom and cleared cobwebs from the ceiling of the house i'm living in. it must be done, but never before we notice them overachieving.


    That's all.


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