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Standing On One Foot

Warning: This post is really about nothing.

My first try was 9 seconds. My second try was 20-something seconds. My third try? Ah, a full minute.

Pretty good for a heavy-set old lady balancing on one foot. My left foot, too. And, that isn't even my dominant side.

"What are you doing over there?" asked the husband as he was washing the lunch dishes.

"I'm seeing how long I can stand on one foot," I said, setting the timer on the refrigerator door.

"Why?" he asked, not turning around.

"Because you never know when our survival depends on me being able to balance on one foot."

He laughed. Of course. I did, too. "When could that happen?"

"Say a crook holds us hostage in a bank. He'll only let us go if an old lady can stand on one foot for five minutes."

"Like that could happen," the husband said, rinsing the dishes.

"You never know," I said. "I want to be ready for any event. There could be a Survivor for the older crowd. Now, I'm going to try to stand for one minute on my right foot."

The husband suddenly stood behind me. He said, "I want to see how long I can do it."

I set the timer for a minute. "Are you ready?"

"Wait. . . Okay."


Three seconds later his foot went down.  "I'm trying again. Just keep going."

Almost 25 seconds.

Ding. One minute on my bum right ankle. Hurrah!

"It's not as easy as it looks," the husband mumbled, going back to the dishes.

"Not to worry," I said. "I shall save us."

Next time, I'll try to balance on one foot for two minutes. No, make that one minute, 15 seconds.  No need to go all out crazy about it.

Dear readers, thank you for reading to the end. Didn't I say the post was all about nothing? Next time I'll write about something with a bit more substance. 



  1. Ah, but it was about something.

    It was about communicating. It was about chore equality in relationships. It was about that mysterious and wonderful, 'What if ..."

    And I chuckled at the end.

    It was about a great many things.

  2. LOL on the bank robbers.

    You realize you now have me standing on one foot, just to see, right?

  3. That is very Zen. My favorite baseball player, Sidhara O, from Japan, found his hitting power standing on one leg (like a Flamingo) not Flamenco Ha. He beat the Babe's hitting record, but in Japan.
    You and the husband always seem to have such interesting going's on in the kitchen.... Love ya

  4. widdershins, I'm appreciating your getting me to see my writing through another's eyes. writer's insecurity is starting to go away again. Thank you, kindly. :-)

    Alice, so, how long did you go?

    Manzi, Hmmm, you've given me an idea for another post. Stay tuned.

  5. "Nothing" to you was "something" to me. It gave me a chuckle & you can never get too many chuckles--or laughs or guffaws.

  6. I can do this, but when I throw in closing my eyes, I lose my balance. Stupid Brain. Go stand in the corner until I decide what to do with you.

  7. fishducky, you know how to flatter this blogger well. :-)

    Bybee, can I leave the corner now?


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