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Z is for Z's!

Today's letter is Z.
For more Z posts,
please click here.

No longer a zitella am I.

What does it matter. I still have zip, zazz, and zizz.

Oh, yes, and zany.

I have zipped the lines and one day I shall zumba. 

Now, it's time for me to start making some zzzzzzzzzzzz's.

Until later, my sweet Zumbadors!


  1. Cute post and I love the picture! La

  2. Somebody went zonkers I do believe!
    I hope you were able to get enough restful Z's


  3. A clever set of zzzz's. I love your picture, too!

  4. Cheers for your ending. That such a cute picture. It makes us so happy we'll do a zapata.
    Love and applause

  5. Definitely a delightful, creative, zany post!!

    My Alphabe Thursday post is at:

  6. Fun take on Z! Very Dr. Suessish to me...

  7. Here it's just zzzzz time !
    Good night ! lol !

  8. You are a blast ! You crack me up :)

  9. One day I shall try the "zip". Unfortunately I'm too uncoordinated for Zumba. But I am proud of deserve your zzzzzz's

  10. Zippity doo da - you've got a great set of zzzzzzzzzzzzz's!

  11. You look like you are having fun!~Ames

  12. La, merci beaucoup. :-)

    Wanda, enough and here I am again wide awake.

    Judie, danke!

    Manzi, ooh, a zapata. Yes, let us dance.

    Rocky Mountain Woman: I did, thank you very much.

    Carmen, salamat!

    Sue, right back at ya! :-)

    Bonnie, I am honored to be thought as such.

    Gattina, nighty-night. Zzzzzzzzzz.

    Jackie, grazie.

    5thsister: I hope you do try zipping the line one day. It ought to be considered a form of transportation.

    Ed, hey! Long time. :-)

    Ames, we were about to go off on a bicycle ride. It was very enjoyable.

  13. lots of z words for you. I have starting taking zumba lessons and love it.

  14. Did you have fun? I loved the zipline I did in Belize.

  15. hip chick, glad to hear. :-) friends tell me I would like zumba. It's just finding some time to dedicate for learning it.

    Alice: Totally! If I could, I'd figure a way to put a zipline from our second floor to the sidewalk.

  16. I just found out you have like 3 other blogs!! Which one should I follow!!

    And I thought I was a blog hog! LMAO!!

  17. cute pic...and i so need to Zumba!!!

  18. We put one in from a tree to a porch at my mother's house, but had to take it down when one of the kids got hurt.

  19. Brilliant photo, I love it and lots of great z's too - see you on thursday for soup!

  20. Hooray! I think you win the award this week for the most creative and energetic Z post.

    This was really great! You made me laugh!

    Thanks for linking up to Alphabe-Thursday! You are a joy!


  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. ha ha ha! You are so funny! What zany Z words!

  23. widdershins, you caught me. he he. But now, I've thrown it all out the window. Whenever is now the decree. And I thank you for making me realize that. :-)


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