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Random rambling

I've been feeling muddle-headed lately. Too many brain lapses. Quite a lot of pressing of the delete button. Sigh. So, bear with me, dear readers, as I ramble forward to clear my mind with random thoughts.

Random thought number one. Big birds (maybe the doves) splatted big time on the side of the car and the driveway. Very rude! Especially since we leave bird seeds out every day.

Random thought number two. The husband got a surprise check for $100 yesterday. It was part of a cash settlement in a class action law suit against a large drug distributor that was alleged to have set drug prices wrongfully high. The husband had no idea it was taking place. The company settled rather than go to court because it would be cheaper to pay $350 million today. In settling, the company does not formally admit to wrongdoing. That part is what always astounds me about corporations that get away with crime.

Random thought number three. I have publishing deadlines over the next two years. I hope I can maintain blogging at the same time as I write about occupations in aviation, law enforcement, education, and engineering. Ouch, my brain!

Random thought number four.  I borrowed a friend's sewing machine a month ago. It's still sitting on the hope chest in the hallway unused.

Random thought number five. Yesterday, the mama harvested a banana blossom, as she was cutting the dead leaves from the banana plants. She said that it was protected by the dried leaves so it hadn't frozen. Amazing!

Random though number six. I really appreciate the husband making morning coffee and washing dishes. With his finger in stitches, I've had to do his chores. Only a few more days to go.

Random thought number seven. The tiny birds (maybe sparrows) are frolicking in the front yard as they fly from feeder to feeder to fence to tree to the neighbor's shrubs where they're nesting. Their singing fills the air. We are blessed!

So, am I feeling less muddle-headed? The noggin does feel a little bit lighter, thank you very much dear readers for being a captive audience.

Onward, I go. . . .

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  1. You can always tell a car that has been parked under a tree.

    I love feeding the birds.

    Don'tcha love getting random money in the mail???

    Glad you were able to unclutter your brain. Now you can fill it with other things to clutter it!

  2. Hi there. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading your posts and learning more about you. You sound like a very busy woman!! Happy New Year to you and your family. :)

    ~ Wendy

  3. I told one of my sons that I'm officially old: I asked for (and got) a couple of bird feeders for Christmas so I could watch the birds. There's jnust something about watching and listening to them that brings some peace, isn't there?

  4. ryoko861, ah, the trees. I can pretend that our car is parked beneath trees, even though there's nothing above it. LOL.

    Wendy, the truth is I suddenly am busy because I procrastinate too much. :-)

    Mary, when I was even 10 years younger the idea of feeding birds was against my grain. Ha! Now look at me. My brain is thinking overtime on how to create even more feeders.

  5. Random thoughts.... a process whereby multi-tasking is taken over by fae creatures and scrambled beyond human comprehension.

  6. widdershins, I love zee fae creatures. They help bring order from chaos. :-)


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