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Out with the Old!

Reflections, March 2010

It has been three days that we've been without a mirror in the bathroom. Not that I look at the mirror that much, but still I am surprised when I look over the sink and see a yellowish wall. That's another surprise. Without the mirror, both the husband and I realize that off-yellow is the color of our bathroom walls. These past seven years, we thought we were looking at dingy off-white walls.

So, what happened to the mirror?

First, you need to know that ants  invaded the bathroom last Thursday. The damn ants actually knocked out a bit of tile from a corner of the sink. That day, they kept scooting from behind the cabinet that rests on the counter.

The husband's stitches!
That night, just after 11 p.m., the husband decided to pull the cabinet forward so he could get at the ants. The next thing we knew, the mirror slipped, broke diagonally, and as the top part fell, it sliced through the husband's right forefinger in two places. Deep enough to cut who knows how many veins in the finger. OUCH!

We each did our best acting maturely calm and cool so the other wouldn't go bazonkers. Within ten minutes we dressed ourselves and, within the speed limit, drove to the emergency room without any stressful growling at each other. Fortunately, the hospital is only a few minutes away. After all was said and done, the husband received 10 stitches in his finger. OUCH!

Our total time there was five hours. OUCH!

The place was full when we arrived so it took over an hour for one of the seven treatment rooms to become available. We waited an hour for the doctor to see the husband,  another hour for a technician to x-ray his finger, and then another hour for the doctor to return. The process of cleaning and sewing his finger took about 20 to 25 minutes, and, after that, we waited about another 30 minutes for him to be discharged.

We don't have health insurance so it'll be a triple OUCH! when we get the bills. Hopefully, not one OUCH! more.

It was a good call to go to the emergency room. Our doctor had closed his shop on Friday. We discovered that when the husband called to make an appointment to remove the stitches in 10 days. Yep. Guess who doesn't have to wash dishes for 10 days?

You know that saying, "Breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck"?  I don't believe it. Neither does the husband.  If anything, I see the loss of the mirror at the end of 2010 as making way for new and wonderful changes in 2011, at least in the bathroom. 

Happy New Year, Dear Readers! I wish each and every one of you strength and wonder, joy and happiness, and peace and love, as you travel another year around the sun!


  1. Oohhh Poor husband. I'm more concerned over his finger. How will he play the guitar? I'm alway so concerned over muscians fingers. My granddaughter sliced her finger cutting veggies and I was in more of a fit than she was.

    Mirror mirror on the wall. Yes, you can't play that game now either.

    If you had the cold freezing weather down there, you wouldn't have those damn ants. Another reason I didn't care about Florida. But you have a lot of lovely weather inbetween the ants and mudslides. :)
    Love you, my dear friend.

  2. Years ago I cracked my head open. Because the wound of interest was on my face, they called in a plastic surgeon. They couldn't get one in fast enough, so made me wait for hours and hours. Apparently if you don't get the stitches done fast enough they won't take unless you wait until after some biochemical process. I asked how many stitches, but because it was done to hide the scar, we didn't know. So we measured it. The scar is exactly one inch long.

  3. Ouchy, Mama, Alice! Now there's a tale!


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