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Thank you, Senator Sanders!

Thank you, Senator Sanders for having the guts and balls to state so clearly how wrong it is to extend the tax cuts, as well as to cut the estate tax rate, for the very, very, very rich. 

Thank God, we have someone in Congress who has the guts and balls to tell it as it is.

Senator Bernie Sanders, the progressive Democrat from Vermont, spoke on the Senate floor for more than 8-1/2 hours yesterday. Click here to see a video of his speech.

In my mind, Senator Sanders embodies what a politician is supposed to be—one who advocates for the American people.

I also think Senator Sanders embodies the true meaning and spirit of Christmas. And that leads me to today's Christmas song. Here is a 1916 recording of "Oh, Holy Night" performed by Enrico Caruso.


  1. I can kind of see why there would be some interest in tax cuts to business, but it looks to me like they are going about it all the wrong way.


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