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They Grow Up Fast

Our child is growing.
Til today, she felt shy to go to social events.
Now look.
Two days. Two parties by herself.
Before we know it,
our 80ish mama
will be dating.

This is a 160 Character Challenge, hosted by the Monkey Man. Give it a try. What can you write in 160 characters or less? You must count spaces, too.


  1. Doesn't it blow your mind when someone you think should be retreating from the social scene grows into it instead? Great 160.

  2. smiles. nice 160...they sure grow up fast dont they...and maybe thats not a bad thing for mom...smiles.

  3. First go at a 160 and this is awesome. I am dealing with my stepdad in this fashion. They are like teenagers once their spouses are gone. Thanks for playing.

  4. Hello All. Thanks for stopping by and reading my first 160. I appreciate the comments. Writing thoughts in 160 characters is definitely a different way of writing for me. I like it. :-)

  5. i think that's fantastic!
    nice 160 - and wonder if i will date again when i'm 80...

  6. don't we all... but then, we tend to notice it others much more frequently :)

    A very nice 160!!

  7. Loved this 160. Tough watching the aging process and such a joy when our parents and grandparents don't pack it in but keep on groovin'.

  8. Too funny! I had to read it twice to make sure I got it, lol!

  9. Thanks, Claudia, Kavita, Cheryl, and bernicewood. :-)

    Claudia, you never know what will be coming our way.

    Cheryl, definitely. I like the days when the mama is groovin'.

    bernicewood, I'm glad you got a chuckle out of it. That was my hope.


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