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The Other Guys

For our last 23rd date, the husband and I decided to go see a movie.  For once, our local theater was showing several that we wanted to see: Inception, Deception, Nanny McPhee Returns, and The Other Guys. Ah, choices. We decided to go with something light, silly, and fun. So, off we went to see the The Other Guys.  All we knew was that it was a farce about cop movies. But we were assured (well maybe the husband was more than me) that anything with Will Ferrell ought to be decently hilarious. We weren't wrong. There were several scenes that had us laughing out loud and long. I ask you, have you ever seen a movie with cops driving a red Prius in a car chase?

Ferrell and Wahlberg play two NYPD detectives, who mostly do paperwork. Ferrell's character, Allen Gamble, is happy about it, while Wahlberg's character, Terry Hoitz is furiously not. They are made fun of by the other detectives for not having done any heavy-shooting, car chasing detective work. Terry wants to know why Allen doesn't want to out on a case. Allen, who was once a forensic accountant, says that he has almost cracked the case on a guy who didn't get building permits for his scaffolding, and that guy has a lot of scaffolding around New York City.

The guy turns out to be a big-time financier who has been scamming his millionaire clients out of their money. He must somehow return a billion dollars to one of his clients or he is dead meat. From where he gets the money is really a shocker. At least, for me it was. It wasn't until the end of the movie, especially when we were sitting through the credits, that I realized that the movie was making a statement about white collar crime, Ponzi schemes, and outrageous corporate decisions and CEO salaries. Very sly and commendable of the director, writers, producers, and actors, and crew.

That's all I'm going to say about the movie, other than I'd see it again on DVD. Here's a taste of The Other Guys for you.


  1. i'm going to see the movie. i almost saw it last weekend but saw dinner for shmucks instead, which was funny, but made no statements about society, subtle or not so subtle.
    there are a couple scenes in elf that make me laugh hysterically.

  2. Thanks. That was fun. I love movie reviews AND Movies. Pisces (me) live in a fantasy world.

  3. Ed, Dinner for schmucks is another movie we want to see. Steve Carell is one of my favorite actors these days. I especially like his work in Dan in Real Life.

    Manzanita, the husband and I watched so many DVDs, we wore out the DVD player. LOL!


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