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Saturday Mumbling

I'm feeling lazy today. No, that's not true. If I really was lazy, I wouldn't even be writing this. Ha! More precise is this: I'm struggling with words today. If cartoon bubbles could surround my brain cells right now, they would say "puff, puff, puff, fizzzzzzle."

This morning a whole lot of sparrows were eating out of the feeders in the front yard today. My brain cells feel like how the sparrows looked as they scattered to the bushes, the fence, and the rooftops when a sharp noise spooked them. Seriously.

I sound like a loony tune right now, I know. By writing about it, I'm a loony tune with a spotlight on it. Hmmm, which reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoons on Saturday mornings. Do you remember how Bugs and Daffy Duck began the show by singing "This is It!" Don't recall it? Don't know it? Well, then, have a look-see and enjoy. As for me, I'm heading out to the farm stand for some fresh apples.  Maybe by the time I've come back, my brain cells will have settled down for some serious writing.

P.S. Yesterday, I finished my second training week of the 200 Sit-Ups Challenge.  Instead of sit-ups, I'm doing modified crunches. Whatever works, is my motto.


  1. What a wonderful blast from my childhood, and not-so-childhood thanks to reruns.... and I remembered every word!

  2. Good for you, Lori! I remembered only a few of 'em. I used to march in place when the rest of the characters paraded in. I wonder why they don't show reruns on TV anymore.


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