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A New "Old" Milestone

I believe the husband and I reached another milestone yesterday.

We went to the grand opening of Vertigo Cafe in the next town over. We decided to drink our free coffee and eat our croissants on the patio. The husband went out with the coffee to grab the last free table, while I waited for the food. When I came out, he was standing next to the table. "There's only one chair," he said at the same time that I noticed why he had been standing.

"We can sit on the bench," he said. That was okay by me. I was in need of coffee and food to break my evening fast. Everything was registering very slow with me.

"Take my chair," said a voice behind me. I looked over at a young family. Two small children were perched on chairs. Dad was standing behind his son, and Mom was standing beside her chair.

"No, thank you," we said. "We can sit on the bench."

"You have a plate," the young mom said. "Besides, we are about to leave."

The husband and I and the young couple politely deferred back and forth. Then, I realized young Mom and Dad were standing their ground... in... respect... to... our... age.

I gave in.

"Thank you, you are too sweet," I said, and Dad (or was it Mom) brought the chair over.

It wasn't until after the family left, which was longer than when the young mom said "we are about to leave," that I leaned over to the husband and murmurred, "She gave me the chair because I am old."

"Do you think so?" the husband asked, with a look of surprise.

The husband and I tend to forget that we are "old." Mentally and emotionally, we don't feel "old." Physically, yeah. Creaky joints. Sore muscles. Greying hair, wrinkling faces. You get the picture. I guess the young couple noticed it, too.

I am amazed that I am now old enough to warrant a young person giving up her chair for me. I am also impressed that young people still do that act of kindness. (My gosh, I do sound old.) And, yes, I was and am grateful.

When I used to ride public transportation every day I would give up me seat to an elderly person. Sometimes the offer was accepted, and sometimes not. I'm glad to know that positive karma does come back around.


  1. that's really interesting. i've noticed that as i age, i have slipped into roles others have occupied before me, such as older guy at work.

    it's true, i've given up my seat only to have an elderly woman refuse. then i get to enjoy my seat even more knowing that i did my duty to offer.

    that's my most consistent gift to the larger community: an occasional offering of a seat to someone i hope and anticipate will refuse:)

    i've missed reading you consistently. glad to be back.

  2. Ed, I'm glad you could stop by between patches. :-)

    It's funny to suddenly be considered the "older" one. Not wiser, just older.

  3. How funny that we have reached that point in life. Or have we?

  4. Sandi, I don't think we have. But others around us may have perceive us to be, which I think is funny. :-)


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