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The July 23rd Date

Were you wondering what the husband and I finally did on our 23rd date last Friday? Yes or no, I'm here to tell you. Well, actually to show you some photos of different things we saw as we stopped here and there.

Wild chickens are continually crossing the streets
in San Juan Bautista.

Here's a bee that knows a good thing when it sees it!

Taggers will leave their marks on anything standing!

Can you see the turtle and the chimpanzee sitting on it?

In a fancy boot store in Carmel-by-the-Sea,
I peeked at
the price tag of a pair of cute
ankle cowboy boots.
Over $1,000! And, they
were not as elaborate as these. I didn't even

want to know how much they were.

Are those golf balls edible? Probably. Up close, they looked
real enough not to eat!

Cute handbags. Do you think that arm belongs to the bag or an
actual human being?

How to describe downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea?
Drink and eat, see, shop. Or, coffee house, art gallery, boutique.

This is the tallest and hunkiest eucalyptus tree that
I have ever seen.

See that patch of green in the distance. Vineyards!
From Carmel-by-the-Sea, we drove the back road to Highway 101.
We wondered if that was the road the friars traveled to get between
Mission Carmel and Mission Soledad or Mission San Miguel.

The golden hills of California!


  1. Charlie, they would look great on you! You and Lisa would enjoy that boot store.


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