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So, last week I decided to register for a domain name for this blog and Take 25 to Hollister. It took me several days to make everything match on the domain host and Blogger. It shouldn't have taken so long but I flubbed here and there and then had to figure how to unflub the flubs. You know how that goes.

Soooo, here my blog stands with its own domain name. All comments made prior to the switch gone. Yeah, I'm still crying about that. It turns out there are a whole lot of us Blogger bloggers lost our comments when we switched. From what I've learned, the problem has been going on for a year or so. Some Blogger bloggers say that their comments have returned. Others say they returned, then disappeared again. I can only hope mine will return. I miss 'em.

So why did I register for domain names for my blogs? I'm sure you're asking, dear readers. I have this hazy notion that by doing so, I'll be more serious about them. Use them to take over the world. No, no, not the latter. I just said that to get a laugh. Did it work?

So I'll skip answering that question for now. I'll add it to my list of things I need to address, which includes finding the husband and my only address book, figuring out what is causing the pain to increase in my left foot, and pulling out the dandelions in the front lawn.

So, me thinks I'll go pull out some dandelions now. That'll help me get out of my doldrums.

So dear readers, does this!  Enjoy yourself some Fats Waller.


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