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Ready. Set. Read!

I consider myself a reader. But lately, my reading matter consists of blogs, newspapers, blogs, web sites, blogs, Facebook, and more blogs.  Nothing wrong with that, but I really should spend more time off the computer.

The last book I read was a politician's autobiography. Shudder. Talk about a horrible reading experience. Have you ever read a book and got angry about almost everything that the author wrote? I should've put it down after the first page, but I needed to know about this woman since she says that she talks for the real Americans. I'm a real American but nothing she wrote represented my point of view. Bleah!

I finished that book about five months ago. I started three books since then. Put each one down after a few pages in. I just could not focus.

Five months is a long time for me to go without reading a book. But, that's about to change. To motivate me back to the book path, I signed up today to complete the Cozy Mystery Challenge hosted by Not Enough Books.  The challenge started back in April, but readers can sign up for the challenge until September 1.

Entrants must read at least six cozy mysteries by September 30. That would've been one book per month, if I had started at the get go. The crazy in me decided to try to read seven to 10 cozy mysteries by the deadline. I am sure there are at least seven unread cozy mysteries gathering dust among my piles of books.

I like reading a good cozy mystery. I even wrote three-quarters of one years ago. Just couldn't figure how to end it. Who knows, maybe after finishing this challenge, I might feel like working on my novel again.  Don't I already sound confident that I'll be rejoicing my accomplishment in two months?

Don't know what a cozy mystery is? Here's Not Enough Books definition: "...a cozy mystery is a mystery that doesn't normally have any rough language, sex scenes, or gruesome details about the killing, and the main character is normally an amateur detective."

Are you interested in reading a cozy mystery now? Check out grand list of titles at


  1. That sounds like a fun challenge! Maybe I'll join you. I guess what I've been working on would count as a cozy too.

  2. Thanks for joining my challenge! I hope you have a lot of fun with it. I've read several new authors for the challenge myself and found some new series that I think will become favorites of mine.

    Good luck finishing your book too! Fingers crossed reading more cozies will help you with the ending.

    Maggie - come know you want to join the challenge too! lol!

  3. That sounds real great. Reading is very important. I wish I was a reader. Never was. Now I am getting old it is even harder.

  4. Russ- Have you tried audio-books? Many libraries have extensive collections of them and you get all the benefits of reading without the work. :)

    Kris- If I can find six books from the list at my library I'm in. It's going to be crazy though- the next few weeks are going to be nuts here!

  5. Hi, Everyone. Thanks for stopping by. It's fun to have some chatting here.

    Maggie, did you sign up? :-)

    Kris, the last time I was at the bookstore, I saw a few new series that I'd like to read. But, I'm being good. Must finish what are in my piles first.

    Russ, you read my post, so that means your a reader! Maggie's idea of audio books is right on. I have a friend who gets so caught up listening to 'em while she drives that when she gets to her destination, she just doesn't want to get out of the car.

  6. Well, I picked up some books at the library yesterday and then stayed up reading until 2am- so, I went ahead and signed up. :)

  7. Yay, Maggie! I'm halfway through my first book.


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