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Making Tech Changes


I finally decided to buy domain names for my blogs. A Yay! short lived, but still a Yay!

The last two days I've been doing trial-by-error tech stuff to get things to work. I've also been learning too many technical terms, such as CNAME and domain management something-or-other, which fortunately will turn into haze once I've accomplished what I want done.

The positive, so far, with this blog: I managed to get its domain name to direct itself here. Really not an easy task since I went with a domain register not yet recognized by Blogger. And, I'm not a technical person, no matter what others will say about me.

The negative: All comments made by you, dear readers, before today went missing. I know: What the heck?

It turns out that's a common thing when switching to a domain URL on Blogger. All I can do is wait until Blogger fixes the bug. At least this is just a very minor irritating glitch in the universe of living. 

So, please know, dear readers, your comments are here somewhere in a hidden virtual dimension. And, do keep on writing to me. I enjoy hearing from you. Always.


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Thanks for the good cheer. :-)

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