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A Craftsgal Wanna Be

That's right, I admit it. I'm a craftsgal wanna be.

When I was younger and lived in San Francisco, I thought it would be so cool to sell my handcrafted wares on the sidewalks. It didn't matter that I had no wares or skills.  I've been daydreaming again about selling my handcrafted wares, but this time at farmers markets and online at  Still, no wares and no skills.

When I get tired of writing, I visit crafts blogs. Sewing, knitting, beading, whatever. I especially like the blogs by crafts ladies who repurpose old stuff into fantastic things that I want to make, such as clutch purses out of used skirts.

Last fall, I finally had the space and time to try my hand at crafting. My first attempt was a hedgehog. That's it in the photo. It only has one eye.

Next, I made was a pinwheel. I go gaga over pinwheels. They're what I associate with Fourth of July and family picnics. One day, I would like to learn to weld so that I can create one crazy gigantic pinwheel, which I would stick in the front yard to the neighbors' horror.

Feeling a bit confident, I moved on to sewing cloth napkins. I made 10, including a few patchwork ones. Only three have ripped.  From that experience, I made an ambitious jump to sewing Christmas gifts. More napkins. A few grocery bags. An apron. Pencil rolls. Fabric holders for take-away coffee cups.

That was December. Since then, I've done nothing more than bookmarking blogs and downloading instructions and patterns. But, that's gonna change. This summer I've decided to be ambitious again and make one or more of these three things: 

Tee-shirt bag. At least seven of the husband's abandoned tee-shirts are waiting in a box for this project. There used to a few more, but I took them for my own use. The blog Wild Onion has a tutorial that sounds easy to follow.

Fabric produce bag. The mama will definitely think I've gone overboard when she sees me make these. Oh well. If anything, she'll bring out her stash of sheer curtains for me to use. Wisdom of the Moon gives instructions for making these bags. I like that there are pictures.

Teacup bird feeder.  Doesn't that just sound cute? The ones at Little Birdie Secrets are adorable. I want to make a whole bunch of them. We have quite a few birds hanging around our place. The instructions for making them sound like fun. 

Stay tuned for the results.


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