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Voodoo Photoshop

I can do simple things in Photoshop. Resize photos.  Sharpen images. Fix color and brightness.  Easy stuff. I can kinda smooth away scratches on photos. For instance, here's a before and after photo of the mama and the baby older brother.

Original photo

 I'm sure a Photoshop expert could make the photo finer, but I'm happy with my results.

If I need or want to do something harder, such as stitch up a bunch of shots into a panorama, I ask the husband. When I can't remember how to do a certain skill, I ask him to teach me again. And again. Fortunately, the husband is patient. Another thing I love about him.

Here's an example of one of my stitched-up panoramas:

If I had been more patient, I may have been able to match the brightness of all the shots. Maybe. By the way that's Monterey Bay in the distance.

All in all, I use about 1/19 of what is possible to do in Photoshop. Hmmm, I had planned this post to be short, and really to focus on what is coming up next. Guess my ego got the better of me. Anyway, want to see what voodoo an expert can do with Photoshop? Sure, you do.

At Yanman Photographers Blog, you can see how someone used Photoshop to delete three items, including a person standing in a crowd on a busy tiled floor. It's incredible, I tell you. Check it out: Now You See Through That. . . Now You Don't. 

What I wonder is why the person was deleted rather than doing something simple like coloring her dress? You'll see what I mean.


  1. Not only that, but he said he charges by the hour for this kind of thing. Was that particular photo that important to include in the photo album? I probably wouldn't have added it. But that's just me, not wanting to spend unnecessary dollars. Interesting post. I don't use Photoshop. Have in the past. But not in a long time.

  2. Bike Lady, hello. I find myself thinking about that photo now and then. Not so much the photo but the reasoning behind deleting someone from it. Maybe a mystery story is brewing.

  3. Wonder if the deleted guest will never see the album!

    So, not only can the choice of a dress to wear cost money to purchase it, it can also cost to have it deleted from photos! LOL


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