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Shrimp Toast

The other week, I wrote about my day of frenzied cooking with a promise (mostly to myself) that I would post some, if not all, of the dishes I made. As usual, I had good intentions. Here's the but: I can't find my notes. Oh well. I do have a positive but though: Here's a photo of the shrimp toast I made that day for lunch. I recall the husband and the mama were smackingly happy about the repast.

Many of you dear readers have probably ate shrimp toast as part of a dim sum treat. They really are simple and easy to make at home. You can combine as many, or as few, ingredients that you want with the shrimp. You can add fresh and/or dried spices and herbs. You can mince the shrimp, or dice it not so finely, as my photo shows. My recipe was very simple. Here's what I did:

The Mixture. I combined diced shrimp with garlic powder, black pepper, minced chives (fresh), and a couple of teaspoons of rice flour. To make everything stick, I mixed in a teaspoon or so of mayonnaise. (Many recipes use egg whites.) I chilled the mix for a few hours, thinking that it would help the mixture stick to the bread as it went down in the pan. (That was the frightening part for me.) It did help.

The Preparation. I spread the shrimp mix onto slices of bread, and cut them into thirds. Next, I heated up a mixture of olive oil and butter in a pan. I had put the slices into the pan, shrimp side down and fried them for about a minute, more or less. I turned the slices over and fried for about another minute. I fried three pieces at a time to make it easier for me to manage.

You can find a number of different shrimp recipes on the Internet. Here are just a few:

Emile Legasse's Shrimp Toast Recipe at Food Network
Martin Yan's Shrimp Toast Recipe:
Shrimp Toast recipe at Chinese Food DIY:
Easy Shrimp Toast Recipe at

P.S. Did you notice the fingers in the photo? Those belong to the husband who patiently waited for me to take the photo. Thank you, The Husband.


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