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M is for Museum

Luck Museum. Doesn't that sound wondrous? Imagine the paintings, sculptures, displays, and exhibits interpreting luck. That's something.

This is a real sign in San Juan Bautista, the town next door. The Luck Museum, run by the San Juan Bautista Historical Society, was once a gas station owned by Mr. Carl Martin Luck, who immigrated from Germany in 1890. More than 80 years later, Mr. Luck's daughter donated the building and grounds to the city, which today, in addition to the museum, includes a city park and the city library.  That was good fortune.

M is the featured letter today on ABC Wednesday. Click here to read about this weekly meme, and click herefor this week's list of participants.  Thank you, ABCW Team!

A Small, and Sweet, Victory

Today is Our World Tuesday, where I'm participating. Here's the link. Thank you, OWT administrators.

Molly's Monday #10

Miao. Missus Lady told me that today marks 10 weeks for me on something ladder something-something view. What are "10 weeks"? Miao, miao.

What's more important to me is for Hero Man and her to feed me the stuff I like.  Miao. What does she means when she says, "You liked this food before. Why won't you eat it now?" It's always the first time when she opens a can and spoons out the contents on my plate. Silly Woman.

They are so stingy with cheese. Last night I could smell cheddar on my humans' hands and lips. They used to give me cheese. Purrrrrrrrr. The taste is delightful. They tell me that I can't have cheese anymore because I throw up afterwards. Ice cream, same thing. So?


The back door just opened. Miao, miao.  See you next week.

More Garden Art

I decided to enter the garden art class in the repurposed and recycled crafts category for the county fair. The instructions were simple: Take one item (any item), photograph it, then turn it into garden art.

My first idea was to make an asterisk out of a tree branch. It worked, but looked too clumsy.

Next idea was to create an elephant out of chicken wire. It was turning out well but safety became an issue with all the sharp points. So I abandoned the project for another day.

Then came the mini aluminum decorative milk can, pictured above. Too bad I painted the lid shut so I couldn't plant a succulent in it. (I'll work on getting it open later.)

Finally, something worked. I painted one of the Mama's dried gourds that I found in the garage. It's one she grew for seeds. If anyone asks me what it's purpose will be in the garden, I'll say "Birdhouse." lol

Time for me to clean up and take the entries to the fairgrounds. When I get back, I'll start wo…

From the Archives: FInding Order in Chaos

At the moment, I'm working on my photo entries for the county fair (due tomorrow). As usual, I let the days go by like three years ago, the last time I participated in the fair. My post from September 28, 2015.
Yesterday afternoon, procrastinating me started thinking about my flower arrangement entries for the fair, which are due on Wednesday afternoon.

I opened one of the kitchen cupboards and staring boldly at me, obviously begging to be in the fair, was an Eiffel Tower martini glass.  "I'm for the A Touch of Glass dry floral arrangement," it proclaimed. 

"Okay," I said. "Let's go." We went to the office where I set the Eiffel Tower martini glass on the drawing board, into which the poor Husband keeps bumping as he goes in and out of the office.

Before I knew it, the dried green moss called out from its basket on the floor, "Hey! Hey!"

Bammm! A handful of moss planted itself in the glass, draping itself wha…

Untitled #3

"Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead."~ Hans Christian Andersen

Into the Light, Please.

"Go into the sunlight, Molly."

The Husband and I coaxed the furry Girl as she walked beside the side fence. We had been admiring our new front fence, yet again, when we noticed how the late afternoon light lit up our Molly the Cat.

Did she oblige us?

Of course not.

Fortunately, I happened to click the camera just as she wandered off the sun-lit path.

"You're welcome," said Molly the Cat. Purrrrrrr. 

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