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Communication Between the Mama and Me

Bilingual, I am not. A bilingual person is someone who is fluent in two languages. I'm one of those second generation kids (in any immigrant group) who can understand their parents' language but cannot speak it. Oh, sure, I can say some phrases in Ilocano, the Mama's language,  such as, uh,  Awan ti nakkem mo  which means "There's nothing in your head." Something the Mama said to me often when I was a kid. The Husband tells me it's strange to listen to the Mama's and my conversations. She says something in Ilocano and I respond in English. I say something to her in English and she responds in Ilocano. Most times, I don't even realize she's talking to me in Ilocano.  I suppose you could say we are having a bilingual conversation, just that neither of us are bilingual. There are times when I can't figure out what the Mama wants. It's not because of the language difference, but because of the Mama's unique thinking process. She

California Golden Poppy

Yesterday, I saw the first California golden poppy in our yard. Whooo-hooo! So, of course I had to take a photo of it. Good thing I had the camera in my pocket. And, yes, the image simply asked to be experimented with in Photoshop. Happy Monday, One and All! Today's meme is  Mandarin Orange Monday , hosted by Loikart. Click  here  to see other orange posts by bloggers from around the world. 

Grow, Milkweed!

Ha! It only took me a month to purchase milkweed seeds and then another month to plant them. I'm on my way to helping save the monarch butterflies . The butterflies in our region have started their way back to Canada, but maybe the milkweed will be in bloom when they return in the fall. Rather than planting the milkweed seeds in the ground, I sowed the seeds into egg shells and little pots. Yup, I actually saved eggshells the last time I made scrambled eggs. Remembering the shells this morning was my incentive to plant the seeds today.  It's a good thing the Mama was busy in another part of the yard. I can imagine her shuddering at my haphazard way of sprinkling the seeds into the soil rather than the orderly fashion that she would do. I did talk to the seeds and wished them well, as the Mama does. When the seedlings get big enough, I'll either transplant them to the ground or bigger pots. Maybe by then I can get the Mama to let me have some space in the front yard.

Saturday Morning Ramble

My town does not have a bookshop, an art supplies store, or a music store. Once upon a time it had all three. When I was a teenager, I fantasized about one day owning a bookstore with a ceramic wheel in the back so that people who want to play with ceramics can do their thing. I even knew what space in town I wanted to have my bookstore. Sometimes the fantasy of having a bookstore pops up when the Husband and I stumble upon a vacant space on main street or thereabouts. I no longer want a ceramic wheel. But, I do think of offering a service for people to have their packages delivered to my bookstore so that they don't have to fear about them being stolen off their porch. In a tiny way, I am living out my bookshop fantasy by having a virtual online book store at Amazon, which  focuses on books about my town and county, as well as local authors.  I could expand this virtual shop by adding other categories that interest me. Yes, I could. Maybe, I will. I'll put it on my To-Do


The Weekend in Black and White -- that's where I am today. Click here to check out B&W photos by cool bloggers around the world with me.

The Dude, The Husband -- A Patient Man

My Alphabe Thursday theme -- The Dude, The Husband The Husband drives as I hang out the window clicking away at the scenery. While we are walking, the Husband stops and waits nearby when I suddenly stop to take photos. The Husband is a very patient man. I'm a fortunate wife. By the way, should you be curious, click here to see the mural next to which the Husband is patiently posing at my request.  Today is the letter P at Jenny Matlock's Alphabe Thursday . Come check out other P posts with me by clicking here .

Happy Hands

My ABC Wednesday theme: The Mama and Her Authentic Green Thumbs . . .and Fingers Long ago, the Only and Older Bionic Brother and I talked about the Mama's future and what if she were to move into an apartment. It was a very short discussion. "She'd go crazy," the Only and Older Bionic Brother said. The Mama may be content staying home, but she needs and wants space to roam in the outdoors.  Her gardens are the perfect place and size for keeping her hands happy year-round. I'm participating in ABC Wednesday , a meme began Mrs. Denise Nesbitt and administered today by Roger Green at Ramblin' with Roger . Today is the letter H . Click here to read other H posts.