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Self-Motivation x 13

Hi ya! Yes, today is Friday. Before I could publish this post yesterday afternoon, the Internet server went down. As was the cable, it turned out. Nothing until this morning. Without the iPad and TV, the Husband and I had a wonderful time reading, talking, and not falling asleep on the couch. Old-time doings, to do more often.  So, on with yesterday’s post. See ya. . . . This week, LeeAnna, hostess of I Like Thursday , asked participants if and how they make lists. Yep, I certainly do, especially when I have a bunch of things to remember or I need to seriously keep myself focused on task. Lately, except for writing things we need at the supermarket, I’ve an aversion to list making. Not much gets done when that happens.  So, today, I’m encouraging myself with a list of thirteen things to tell myself when I hesitate to try, start, do, and finish stuff. You can do it! Keep on keeping on. Onward and upward. Take one step. Take another. Now another. Breathe.  Center of the Earth within my s

Junie B. Jones

The prompt for Friday Writings , at Poets and Storytellers United,  was inspiration from beloved books.  Junie B. Jones was a character, and series,     created by the late Barbara Park, a children’s book author. Readers were introduced to this lively, rambunctious, imaginative, creative, delightful going-on-six kindergartner in 1992. Before Ms. Parks’ spirit soared into the Universe, she had written 32 Junie B. Jones adventures. I learned today that the series was on the American Library Association’s list of 100 banned and challenged books throughout the 20-oughts because Junie B. spoke like a regular kid with bad grammar and spelling. Bah, humbug. (Update: Thanks to Magaly, I double-checked myself and found I misunderstood. The ALA does not ban books, but creates lists of books that people ban to keep us, the public, informed. So, I take that back. I am not all disappointed with the ALA. My mother-in-law’s spirit is most likely relieved.) I was in my 40s when I came across Junie B.

Thank you, RBG!

The late great Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an example of someone who had unconditional love for humanity. We were fortunate to have her serve on the highest court of our nation. May her Spirit soar in joy and peace through the Universe! Cheers, Notorious RBG! I love you.

Getting Inspired

I almost decided to go back into the blog's archives today. After two weeks away, I felt rather constipated in thought. Then I heard a low hum that I eventually identified as the stove fan. Ha, that may mean...yes, indeed. I caught a hint of pancake in the air. The Husband was making us pancakes for breakfast. Hoo-rah! Off the computer, down the stairs, and to the kitchen I went. After eating the Husband's yummy fare, I was inspired with many thoughts that I might write about. One being the Husband made us pancakes for breakfast! Aren't I a fortunate woman? Today I'm linking up with All Seasons , a weekly meme hosted by Jesh at Artworks from Jesh St.G . Click here to check out Jesh and her meme. For the participants list, click here . Thanks, Jesh!